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27 March 2007

FanHouse: Tues AM 'Delonte West Is Splotchy' Edition

I don't what the historical reason is for the DC-area's exceptionally strong blogosphere. But I know if the Nats can't deliver their opening day tickets in time, they are going to hear about it. And hear about it. And hear about it.

Speaking of things that get drilled into your skull: Here's your primer on this week's match-up between Oden and Hibbert. You really ought to, as the kids say, read the whole thing(s).

Hibbert vs. Oden: The Hype
Hibbert vs. Oden: The Breakdown, Part I
Hibbert vs. Oden: The Breakdown, Part II

Minter Takes Pay Cut, Looks Toward Future as League Owner

NCAA Basketball:
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Billy Gillispie To Arkansas?
Gillispie May Not Be Going Anywhere After All
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NCAA Football:
Big Ten Seriously Considering Nine Games
Hello, Newman: Nosy Postal Worker Leads to Georgia Player's Arrest
South Carolina Player Turns from a Fight