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13 April 2007

FanHouse: Fri AM 'ESPN Radio Is Interesting Right Now' Edition

When Snoop Dogg blanched at the suggestion that he might ever use the word 'ho' in the same way Don Imus did, it was pretty clear the radio king's time was running out.

Perhaps sensing the shift in the air, Stuart Scott is on the air now trying to take back his ho-friendly comments of yesterday.

Bloggers can file this in their 'Why do I do this for free?' folder: Yahoo is reportedly tossing $100 million at Rivals.com.

In FanHouse news: We've been building up to the NFL draft with College Eye for the NFL Guy and other generally obsessive coverage. Now we have a nice landing page for all this content here. We plan to fill out the rest of the first round this weekend.

Josh Beckett: Definitely not a closer.

Great moments in YouTube: Gary Payton's Toronto Strip Club Fight Re-Enacted. With actually pretty good production values!

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