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19 April 2007

Viva Schrutebaggus

Schrutebag took to the radio yesterday to whine about NBC hiring Olbermann to cover the NFL:
Olbermann is bright and talented and a really good broadcaster, but he’s about as middle-america as a transgender film festival. He’s a Northeast intellectual baseball guy ... he doesn’t speak to the NFL fan at all!
Emphasis mine, obviously. This just annoys me, because:

1. I was raised in Ohio, got my collegiate education in the South, and have worked my whole professional career in Manhattan. Consquently, I have heard a hundred mouth-breathing renditions of 'That region of the country just doesn't know how stupid it is.' (Though I heard this kind of thing least of all in Ohio. Which, after checking my map, looks to be somewhere in this 'Middle America' SB speaks of.)

I have deduced: Those who toss the tritest versions of these regionalisms are what the Brits call 'tossers.' People who talk like this have never left their state. (Or, and I guess this is a new corollary, their studio.)

Such folks are just lonely/needy and desperate for some kind of bogus community feeling. They try to create it by attacking stawmen who are far, far away.

2. Latching onto the predictable 'Northeast vs. Middle America' is among the weakest of the weak stuff. If that is the best you can bring, I advise you to not take on Keith Olbermann.

PS. My complaint has nothing to do with this. (I have no problem enjoying Buckeye-bashing when it's capably done. See Monday, Carl) Though I do enjoy the unsubstantiated rumor in comment #5. WLW rules.