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19 April 2007

FanHouse: Thurs AM 'Finally, Some Rosie O'Donnell News' Edition

Nick Dallamora wrote another amazing post from Virginia Tech last night. It's about the memorials that have gone up around the campus and the community history behind some of them.

In much, much, much less serious news:
Last but certainly not least: With the NBA playoffs kicking off, we're rolling out our 'Round One Riot' series. A good place to start would be this analysis of the Mavs vs. the Warriors, a team that hasn't been in the playoffs since 1863.

Charlie Manuel Sends More Surprises, and Sends Brett Myers to Bullpen
738 Down for Barry Bonds, 17 More to Tie Hank Aaron
Basebrawls from the Day: Cal's Streak Almost Ended
Felix Pie Is Giving Cubs Fans Hope
Derek Jeter Does Not Appreciate Your Silly Mathematics
Braves Extend Bobby Cox Through 2008
That Carlos Lee Is So Hot Right Now
Saber Bomb: Jeff Sagarin and Player Win Averages

Michael Waltrip Gets New Crew Chief, Other Changes
David Stremme is Heading in the Right Direction
NASCAR to Honor Virginia Tech Shooting Victims

Patriots Lose Sauerbrun, But Save a Paper Clip
How Have the Steelers Done with Top-15 Picks? Not Good
Vikings Add Another Wide Receiver, Who Hasn't Played Football
NFL Draft: Johnson, Adams, Okoye Admit Smoking Pot
Matt Leinart Likes to Impersonate Speed Racer
NFL Fines Brian Urlacher $100,000 for Wearing Hat

NBA Coaching Guillotine: Eric Musselman
NBA Coaching Guillotine: Bob Hill
NBA Coaching Guillotine: Doc Rivers
Round One Riot: (1) Mavericks vs. (8) Warriors
Round One Riot: (3) Raptors vs. (6) Nets
Tim Duncan is Concerned About an Officiating Backlash
How the Lakers Could Get Jermaine O'Neal
Those Trampoline Dunking Guys Had to Start Somewhere

College Football:
NCAA To Coaches: No Txt 4 U
Kansas State Drafts Spring Game Squads: Josh Freeman Top Pick
Anthony Morelli Can't Read (Defenses)
OSU's Schuening Loves Bowl Games, Hates Spring Ball
Wake Forest Has Practice. Or Doesn't. Whatever, Really.
Oklahoma State Hopes Pickens' Money Buys Championships

NCAA Basketball:
UNC Mascot's Death Gives NJ Man Life
Duke To Renew Series With Michigan
Jim Tressel Doing His Part to Keep Oden and Conley Around