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18 April 2007

Who Wrecked Paul Robeson's Life?

From that moment on Paul Robeson’s public and personal life began a downward spiral that he never recovered from. The next day Eleanor Roosevelt skewered him in the Times. A month later he would face rioters in Peekskill, N.Y. A year later his passport would be revoked. He would be called before the government in 1956 and held in contempt for his remarks. Thereafter, he would be unable to find work in the United States. His income, which had been six figures at one point, would dry up to a mere pittance. And yet, neither immediately following his testimony nor at any time thereafter did Robeson quarrel with _____. He refused to be “drawn into any conflict dividing me from my brother victim of this terror.”
Answer here. This is the best thing I've read lately.