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17 April 2007

FanHouse: Virginia Tech Report

Our own Nick Dallamora, a student at Virginia Tech, wrote about his school just hours after yesterday's tragedy. Nick was in building next door to one of the shootings, and he was thankfully unharmed.

Nick is one of the talented guys behind the Dugout, which means that the sports blogosphere as whole is breathing a sigh of relief that he is OK. Read his piece: He did the subject justice.

In the meantime, it's still our job to give you a break from the awfulness in the news. So:

In the ten or twelve seconds between the regular season's end and the playoffs' explosion, we'll be presenting the Haus's version of NBA awards. Following the footsteps blazed by their NFL brethren, the NBA FanHousers are Crowning Their NBA Asses, or CTNBAA for short. Click the link to scroll through, or check out the full list of rewards at the bottom.

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