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07 May 2007

Couldn't Do That, Could You Tim Burton?

“Spider-Man 3” was impervious to a drubbing by movie critics who said it had a surfeit of villains (four), an indulgent length at two hours and 20 minutes and a Busby Berkeley section in which Peter Parker cuts a rug.
It is a shame that critics waste a unanimous superdrubbing on a pretty damn good sequel. For one thing, Raimi is the first director I can think of who successfully pulled off the more-than-two supervillains thing that always occurs in comic book sequels. The CGI had the same failings as the other movies, but this time it all moved viciously fast. Skulls crashing into pipes was a motif.

Anyways, when critics cry wolf on a solid franchise like this, it just makes normal people ignore them when something like X3 comes down the studio poopchute.

"And ," my wife adds, "Halle Berry sucks."

If you were enough of a dork to read through that, you should go here and search for the term "sword-arm."