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31 May 2007

FanHouse: Thu AM 'We Got Him. We Got Michael Vick' Edition

Yesterday's Kobe news is the kind of things blogs are made for. Our guys hit the story from every conceivable angle. I would try to highlight them, but they're all highlights. You should really just look at the list of headlines below in the NBA and pick out your favorites. (And make sure you check out Miss Gossip's art in the Debriefing. [And the "Was it Phil?" speculation.])

In other places:
Scroll down for an image of a great big man playing a great big harp.

The Debriefing: Kobe Bryant Saved the Lakers
Zach Randolph: I Can Compete for a Title with the Bulls
Is Jason Kidd About to Join Kobe in L.A?
Is Kobe Bryant the New Terrell Owens?
Kobe for Dirk Will Never, Ever Happen. Perish the Thought.
Kobe Bryant: Media Relations Genius?
Rasheed Wallace Was Throwing Things on Tuesday
Could Kobe Land in Phoenix?
Could Kobe Land in Chicago?
Who's This 'Lakers Insider' That Has Kobe Mad?
How Kobe's No-Trade Clause Affects Things

Prosecutor Says Evidence Puts Michael Vick at Dog Fights
Dog Fighting Investigator: 'We Got Him. We Got Michael Vick'
Kris Jenkins Doesn't Feel Much Like Volunteering This Week
Joey Porter Pleads Guilty to Battery on Levi Jones
Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian: Confirmed
No Debate: Bill Belichick, Peyton Manning the NFL's Best
Chad Johnson To Race Against a Horse
Jerry Porter Doesn't Love 81 That Much

Random You Tube Magic: Juan Pierre Raps
David Wells Sponsers His Postgame Pressers
Aaron Hill Steals Home Against the Yankees
O's Pitcher Names Son Jim Leyland, Not What You Think
Steve Dalkowski Was the Bill Brasky of Baseball
Roger Clemens Cares About Today's Youth

MLS Does the Right Thing, Strikes Deal with YouTube

Softball Star Caitlin Lowe OK After Face Plant in Outfield

Terrible Decision: NCAA Bails Out Duke in Lacrosse Mess

Did the Best Athletes at Your High School Play Tennis?

Is Mickelson the Most Popular Player on Tour?
Tiger Woods Will Not Run for President
Mickelson Gets His First Look at Oakmont

Stanley Cup Ratings Cold in Canada
Hockey Rookies for the Web Generation
Stanley Cup Finals: Game 2 Live Blog
Game 2: Post Game Blogger Presser
Negotiating Ploy or Armageddon for Buffalo Fans?

Dover Flashback: 1995 Miller Genuine Draft 500
Fuel Mileage Races Create Fantastic Drama
Autism Speaks More Than Just Another Sponsor

NCAA Football:
Is Scout.com Crumbling?
USC Safety Pinkard Arrested on DUI Suspicion
Pigs Fly: Illinois Football Tickets Selling Out
NCAA Can't Read Its Own Report
BCS Can Name Its Price With Broadcasters