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15 May 2007

FanHouse: Wed. AM 'The Return of Tecmo Bowl' Edition

In his his second Longform column yesterday, Bethlehem Shoals nailed what is so loathsome about the Spurs' style of play. And in this morning's Debriefer, MJD looks at why the NBA MVP race increasingly looks like a Miss Congeniality pageant.

If you don't scroll down, you'll never know why Michael Jordan wants you to call him "Leroy."

Prosecutor Suggests Vick Dog Fighting Case Is 'Witch Hunt'
A Modest Proposal: Trade Brett Favre for Michael Vick
Dog Fighting Is Cruel, and Vick Has Questions to Answer
Investigators Seek Videotapes of Michael Vick at Dog Fights
Oh, Those Raiders Fans
So, How Hot is Kate Mara? Very Hot!
NFL Delays Inevitable: Pacman Jones Ruling Won't Come Soon
Tecmo Bowl To Return?(!)
Bengals to Odell: 'Never Say Never'
Did Pacman Jones' Strip Club Visit Cost Him Six Months?
NFL Teams Don't Need to Win to Get Rich

NCAA Football:
Steve Slaton is a Bad Mother
Georgia Dome Wants SEC or ACC Games; Why Not Both?
Martellus Bennett's Rhymes Are Wack
Should Reggie Bush Be Forced To Talk?

Greg Maddux Still Has the Goods
Pete Rose Peddles You The Atari
Looks Like the Giants Preferred Carlos Lee to Barry Bonds
An Ode To Juan Pierre's Billboard Head
Digging Deeper Into Rollie Fingers' Debt
If You Want to Buy the Braves, You Better Hurry
Ken Griffey Discusses the 'Jock Strap Incident'
Buddy Bell Knows Nothing About Winning
Why They Really Pushed Back The World Series
The Brewers Shouldn't Order Those Pennants Yet
Ozzie Guillen Really Likes Derek Jeter
The Devil Rays Are (Temporarily) Moving to Orlando
Dusty Baker Doesn't Need Your Jeers, Cubs Fans
Animal Rights Activists Want to Put an End to Dodger Dogs
Fan Creates a Black Out Barry Bonds Website

#8 Team Gets First Taste of COT Penalty
Tony Stewart More Like A-Rod Than You Knew
Kahne and Johnson: New Road Course Aces?
Martin Adds a Few More Races?

In Praise of Todd Bertuzzi
Old School Hockey Video: 1968-70 St. Louis Blues
Brodeur vs. Robitaille: One Last Battle
Sigmund Freud, Red Wings Coach
The Ottawa Senators: No Longer Chokers
Headline Writers Eager To Get Their Pun On

Bruce Willis Endorses UFC Over Boxing
Chuck Liddell Paints His Nails
Sofia Loren Will Strip if Favorite Soccer Team Is Promoted
The PGA Tour Is a Lot Like Being in High School

NCAA Basketball:
How Would a Divided ACC Work?
The NBA Will Hate the New NCAA Rule

Michael Jordan Wants You to Call Him 'Leroy'
Shaq Wants Vince
Stoudemire, Diaw, and Horry Suspended for Game 5
Is Kobe Fed Up With the Lakers?
Carmelo Anthony Knows How to Give Back
Report: Rick Adelman Meets With the Houston Rockets
Baron Will Play, Victim Hates Foul Reviews
Mark Cuban's Tears of Joy ... or Sadness?
Don't Mess With Steve Nash's Guns
Tim Duncan Left the Bench, Too. Will He Be Suspended?
Longform Shoals: The Spurs Give Us No Reason to Care
The NBA Will Hate the New NCAA Rule
Flip Murray's Man Parts Feel No Pain
Would the Warriors Trade Richardson?
Random YouTube Magic: Enter AniManu
Dirk Wins Regular Season MVP
Which Way to Orlando, Vince?
Trade Amare Stoudemire for KG? Huh?