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05 June 2007

FanHouse: Tue AM 'More Sheff' Edition

Have you been reading Das FanHaus, our new tour of bizarro world sport culture? It's time to start, because otherwise your missing out on things like Kobayashi Vs. a Bear ("He Doesn't Know It's A Competition!").

In dotted news:
Scroll to the bottom for an image of a QB who is described, aptly, as "primarily a bass fisherman."

The Debriefing: I'm Ready to be Seduced, Hockey
Stanley Cup Finals: Game Four Live Blog
Minnesota H.S. Player Charged for Sexually Explicit Hazing Incident
Wealthy Ducks Quacking Poor
NHL PR Says No to Al Jazeera
Michael Nylander Wants Big Bucks

Das FanHaus:
Brazilian Soccer Fans: Switching To Decaf Immediately.
Kobayashi Vs. Bear: "He Doesn't Know It's A Competition."
Danilo Di Luca Wins Giro d'Italia, Wears Pink Because He Can
Johnny Morton's Awesome Debut in K-1 Fighting. It's Opposite Day!

Antonio Pierce: 'Anybody Who Fights Pit Bulls is a Punk'
Will New Pro Football League Undercut NFL Age Rule?
Michael Vick's Home Burglarized; Troubles Continue
Asante Samuel: 'I'm Not Showing Up Until the 10th Week'
The Five Worst Uniforms in NFL History
The Late 60s in Sports, By Guys Who Can't Rap
Thurman Thomas Won't Be on Dancing With the Stars
Is The Eagles Organization Turning on Donovan McNabb?
Thank Peter King for Jinxing the Saints and Colts
Tampa 2 Getting Less Popular?
Tony Romo Doesn't Deserve Your Scorn
Tomlin Aims To Eliminate Cowher's Biggest WeaknessReport: Feds Have a Good Case Against Michael Vick
Tank Johnson on Eight-Game Suspension: 'I'm All For It'
Tank Johnson Wants to Be NFL Man of the Year
Tank Johnson Gets Up to Eight-Game Suspension
Unintended Consequences of NFL Personal Conduct Policy
Best Defensive Player: Urlacher? Bailey? Peppers?

LeBron Will Not Miss NBA Finals for Baby's Birth
Seriously, Though... Chris Wallace?
Where in the World Are Jerry West and Michael Heisley?
Flip Saunders Is Delusional Expects to Keep His Job
Does Michael Jordan Think LeBron Has Made 'The Leap?'
Steve Nash Has Forgiven Robert Horry
Kevin Durant Can't Bench 185 Pounds
Orlando Lets Donovan Walk, Will Hire Stan Van Gundy

NCAA Basketball:
Magic Doing Florida a Favor, Keeping Donovan Out of NBA
Finale? Magic Will Release Donovan
Karl Malone Pays $350,000 to be a Strength Coach
Charlotte Coliseum Implosion Shows Short Shelf Life of Arenas
Goodbye, Charlotte Coliseum

Evander Holyfield to Fight Someone Almost as Old as Him
Why Don't Boxers Make Major Endorsement Money?
Mike Tyson Hits Bollywood, Says He Doesn't Have a Temper

Bobby Cox Has Seen Crazier Managers Than Phillip Wellman
Mark Ellis Goes Cycling
Braves Suspend Phillip Wellman For Three Games
Lou Piniella Suspended For Four Games
Yankees-Red Sox Rivarly Extends to the Pressbox
Terry Francona Threatens David Ortiz With Violence
Bleacher Bums: Philly Shows Bonds the Love
It's Not Too Late to Pull the Plug on Roger Clemens
White Sox and Yankees Talking Trade?
Let's Try This Again: Is Albert Pujols Back?
Random You Tube Magic: Pete Rose and Aqua Velva
A-Rod Knows How to Make it Up to His Woman

Truex Tames the Monster Mile
Sayonara NASCAR on Fox
Busch Parked, Stewart Wrecked
William C. France, Jr.: 1933-2007
Jerry Rice Joins the Dark Side

England Doesn't Want Beckham to Come to America
MLS Powah Rankings: Week 9

Presidential Candidate: 'Maybe We Won't Go to the Olympics'

Nicklaus Suggests Ryder Cup Fix
Woody Austin Really Hates Three-Putts

NCAA Football:
Public Enemy #1: Nick Saban
The Countdown Begins: The Best of the Big 12's Opening Week
The Countdown Begins: Top Games in the Big Ten
The Bill Snyder Killer Schedule Award - Big 12 Edition
These Unknowns Will Rule the Big East
Worst College Football Uniforms: Oregon Ducks
Western Carolina Part of Toughest SEC Schedule
Anthony Morelli Fishes Better Than He Throws