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03 June 2007

FanHouse: Mon AM 'Reid, Vick Treated Differently' Edition

An embarrassment of riches this morning. I am actually red-faced to bring these to you:
Scroll down for an image Canuck ladies in whirlpool, and below that for the real payoff: Tony La Russa cutting his sexiest strut in the MLB section. When you get there, you'll find an incomparable breakdown of the Zambrano dust-up.

Yes, That Really Was Eric Mangini on 'The Sopranos'
Could Mike Holmgren Leave the Seahawks for the Packers?
Tony Ugoh Set to Replace Tarik Glenn on Colts' Line?
Mike Nolan Discusses His Father's Alzheimer's Disease
Was ESPN Wrong to Show Dog Fighting in Vick Report?
Johnnie Morton Leaves First Fight on Stretcher
Alex Van Pelt Wants His Name Left Out of the Porn Scandal
Bears' Tank Johnson Expected to Get 6-8 Game Suspension
Could Larry Johnson Pull a Deion Branch?
Party With Teenagers at Ex-NFL QB Jack Trudeau's House
Lawrence Taylor: Best Rookie Season in Sports History?
Roger Goodell Treats Michael Vick, Andy Reid Differently
Is Michael Vick Prosecution a Black-White Issue?
Randy Moss 'So-So' in Patriots Debut
Want Eagles Season Tickets? Wait 4,000 Years
Ken Whisenhunt Says Forget Practice, Let's Bowl
Charlie Batch Loves the Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme
Guard Fred Weary Investigated by Police

A Look at the Losers: Detroit Pistons
Will Stan Van Gundy 'Replace' Billy Donovan?
Paper Says Magic Will Allow Donovan to Return to Florida
Poor Chris Webber. He'll Never Win a Title
What Teams Will Make a Run at Chauncey Billups?
Early Look: Spurs vs. the Cavs in the NBA FInals
Lakers Talk to the Nuggets About Getting Marcus Camby
Longform Shoals: 'Entertainment' Is Not a Dirty Word
After Talking to Everyone Else, Kobe Talks to Jerry Buss
A Look at the Losers: Utah Jazz
Team Execs Don't Trust David Stern
Mark Jackson, Leading Candidate For Memphis GM
The New York Times Hates Math

NCAA Basketball:
Anthony Grant in Limbo as Billy Donovan Reconsiders
Paper Says Magic Will Allow Donovan to Return to Florida
Donovan Wants Out Of Magic Deal, To Return to Florida
Nets Looking Hard at Josh McRoberts
SEC Coaches Hate a Competive Market
Big East Hardline on Transfers

College Football:
Texas Defensive End Busted for DWI


NASCAR Drivers Show Support for Convicted Child Molester
Kenseth To Fund Son's Racing
Edwards Dominates Busch, Hauler Driver Has A Tick
Jon Wood's on ADD Meds?
Gibbs Today's Holder of Earnhardt Lottery Ticket
Gotta Work? Catch Monday's Race Anyways
Is The Honeymoon Over for Menard and DEI?
Waltrip: I Always Liked Dover
Yates Says Thanks But No Thanks, Sticks With Ford

Guess the Suspension: Chris Pronger
NHL Prospect Dating Game: Sam Gagner
Pronger: No Conn for This Con
Giving Your Favorite Hockey Team a Hand
NHL Prospects Put Through Their Paces
Stanley Cup Finals: Game Three Live BlogMLB:
Bonds Missing Out on Millions in Sponsor Money
Feel Bad For Lou Piniella
Sweet Lou's Frustrations Boil Over; Get Him Ejected
Zambrano On Cubs Brawl: 'It's All My Fault'
You Will Not Control The Sheff's Mind
Carlos Zambrano and Michael Barrett Slug It Out
Minor League Spotlight: Phillip Wellman Is a Madman
Joe Torre Does Not Approve of A-Rod's Tactics
Punch LaRussa for World's Sexiest Vegetarian
The Yankees Are Struggling to Field a Team
Milton Bradley Should Move Into a Plastic Bubble
Hopefully, Lou Piniella Can Relax a Little Bit
Rick Maese: Clemens Worthy of Doubt, Too
Inspired by Sosa, Jose Cruz Jr. Sneezes Way Out of Lineu
Alex Rodriguez's Alleged Mistress Has a Name
Minor League Spotlight: Is Craig Brazell the Next Jack Cust?
Gary Sheffield Suspended, Blames Conspiracy Theory
Jim Leyland Has A Broken Heart
Matt Holliday Goes Gus Frerotte, Injures Head in Dugout
Scott Olsen Has Anger Issues

Maria Sharapova Finangles Her Way to A French Open Win
Serena Moves On, Mauresmo Fails Again on Her Home Clay
Pro Tennis: It's High Time to Bring Back Wood Rackets

Allison Stokke's Wikipedia Entry Keeps Getting Deleted

Das FanHaus:
Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
Swedes, Testing Structural Integrity One Hop At a Time

And Hot Dogs!
Joey Chestnut Shatters Kobayashi's Hot Dog Eating Record