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20 August 2007

Baseball Tennis: It's All a Plot to Sell Corn Flakes

So there's this wonderful video out there of these guys playing what FanHouse's Postman R labeled "Baseball Tennis":

When I saw it online, I knew it was a faux-reality commercial in the spirit of those "That's Michael Vick," Powerade ads. But I just saw it on TV, and learned it's part of some Frosted Flakes/ESPN collaboration called "Earn Your Stripes."

I make my living working for ESPN competitor AOL Sports, so take this with extra salt: I'm surprised that a kid's cereal would use that kind of subtle melding of reality and CGI (I'm assuming it's CGI). The SF is smooth enough that the only reason you know the footage is staged is because the footage is impossible.

It strikes me as weird bit of fakery from an advertising genre that usually feels the need to use "part of a balanced breakfast" to cover its chocolate-frosted ass.

But lead-bottomed kids are probably savvy enough to see through the commercial, pour themselves another bowl of sweetness, and then continue their reign as America's glass teat champs.