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23 August 2007

FanHouse: Fri AM 'Torn Scrotum' Edition

We have anti-KY bigotry, Tide players telling Saban to go eff, and Andy Reid's kid in trouble again. Enjoy your weekend.

Media Watch:
Fox's Jay Glazer Likes Bengals; Not Kentucky So Much: He also discusses his disappointment that G'town lies in a dry county and his interaction with "Goober Pyle" when he took a trip over to Lexington to get his drink on. Apparantly, there is an 11 pm cutoff for drinking and the waitress and manager of the bar wouldn't let them order but one round.

A Blogger Gave Seattle Its Backbone: This new aura of backbone emitting from Seattle's city hall on the Sonics impending move to Oklahoma City started with a blogger.

Is Gabriel Gonzaga About to Become a Star?
The kick to Mirko Cro Cop's head that Gabriel Gonzaga delivered in April made him a hero among mixed martial arts fans, but I would guess that if you took a random sample of 100 Americans, only one or two would know who Gonzaga is. That could change if Gonzaga beats Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight champ Randy Couture tomorrow night at UFC 74.

Patriots WR Randy Moss Still Not Practicing: Bill Belichick is better at making the media think a story is a non-story than Bill Parcells was. Parcells liked to engage the media, meaning there was always something to talk about with T.O. When asked about Moss missing practice, Belichick gives non-answers like this.

NCAA Football:
Bama Player on Saban: 'F--- Him and F--- Y'all': So what you basically have here is a university police department trying desperately to avoid any incident which might adversely affect the home team. By my count Upchurch and friends had at least five opportunities to pack their lunch and go home without getting hauled off to the hoosgow. Hell, they were even free to leave after getting shouting obscenities at cops and then getting pepper-sprayed by them.

The Debriefing: Fists Full of SchruteBucks XV: There are some college football teams I hate. Like, really, really hate. But never in my life have I seen a man in a Pitt shirt, and been so outraged that I thought to myself, "That son of a bitch is such a lowlife that he does not deserve his scrotcum," and then acted accordingly.

Report: Michael Vick Will Not Confess to Killing Dogs or Gambling: It's a strange report from ESPN. It doesn't carry a byline, and it doesn't say who, specifically, at ESPN got this news from the "source close to the case." ESPN usually goes out of its way to preface its scoops with phrases like, "ESPN's Chris Mortensen has learned," and the lack of such language here leads to the question of how confident ESPN is in its source.

Andy Reid's Son in Trouble Again? Just when Andy Reid thought his sons' legal troubles were behind him, Britt Reid has another run in with police at a Dick's Sporting Goods. Witnesses have said Britt appeared to be under the influence.

Where Michael Vick Grew Up, Neighbor Says, 'People Out Here Fight Dogs All the Time': The Virginia TV station WTKR takes an interesting look at what people in the Newport News housing project where Vick grew up think about the story.

Lou Piniella Doesn't Know His Players' Names: Either Pineilla just doesn't bother to learn his players' names or he's actually trying to piss Eyre off by calling him the wrong name (though I'd imagine if he were to do that he'd probably go more Dr. Cox style and call him "Sue" or something like that).

Will the Yankees Give Mike Mussina the Hook? Moose has long been one of the most consistent pitchers in the game, but in the midst of his worst season of his 16-year career, it's possible that he might lose his spot in the rotation.

Seattle & The Sonics: It's War: "They bought a team that they knew had a lease through the 2010 season. We think staying is their best option. [...] We think Mr. Bennett should work with us to that end. Or perhaps they bought the wrong franchise. Maybe they need to consider that."

Stephon Marbury, Animal Rights Icon: A lot more interesting than you'd expect; while there's some pretty rote "everyone deserves a second chance" stuff, the heart of what he says is not typical athlete fare.

Friends and Family Believe Eddie Griffin's Death Was Accidental: As difficult as it may be to imagine someone accidentally driving through a barrier and into a train, it's not like Griffin would be the only person to make such a mistake: earlier this week in Ohio a teenager was so engrossed in sending a text message that he literally walked right into the path of an oncoming train -- he was thrown 50 feet but somehow survived.