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24 August 2007

Music News You Can Booze

Nate Chinen, relatively recent of escapee of the America Online, breaks down how Charlie Parker died all over this city:
But when, in the summer of 1951, Parker’s state-issued cabaret license was revoked, he was barred from working in New York. As his condition deteriorated and the jazz world grew crowded with his imitators, he was forced to seek work on the road. And in 1954, when Chan sent word that their 2-year-old daughter, Pree, had died of pneumonia, the shock sent Parker into a tailspin.
Take note, Kath: Trying to find artistic happiness outside the five boroughs ranks with addiction to heroin and the loss of ones' offspring. Just sayin'.

MORE MUSIC: I thought Rilo Kelley was a woman. But she's not, she's a band. Led by Jenny Watson, who is not part of Wailin' Jennies, (and is not to be confused with Waylon Jennings) but who was introduced to me by Jenny Quinn. Jenny Watson also has a wonderful band with the Watson Twins, but they probably aren't actual sisters or brothers. Eff.

All I know is this ladymusic is coming at me from various angles, which means it's probably gonna hit big soon. So, if you want to look cool, a Jenny Watson-related T-shirt bought sooner is probably > a JWT bought later. Though inevitably some kid will just accuse you of buying it distressed. You can't hardly win.