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16 August 2007

FanHouse: Fri AM 'Vick's Judge Prepping for Monday?' Edition

Lots of MLB wonder this morning, and you can scroll all the way down for Miss Gossip's deep, deep gallery of the lovely ladies of the WNBA.

Media Watch:
With the New and Improved NFL.com, I'll Never Leave My Parents' Basement Again: You really just need to go to the site and check out the video for yourself to see the most impressive feature, but one of the great things is that the new NFL.com doesn't assume that everyone who visits comes from the video game generation.

Arbitrary Commentary:
The Debriefing: Fists Full of SchruteBucks XIV; the Vick vs. Donaghy Edition: Twenty-five years for helping dishonest gamblers take money from casinos ... vs. about a year for Vick for what he did. Not to go all Betty White on you, but we're talking about living creatures here.

Sergio Garcia Would Be Wise to Listen to Kige Ramsey: And to think, ESPN.com charges for Insider content while Kige is free to the masses.

Two Suspended Players Suing NFL: The Cincinnati Bengals' official web site is reporting that suspended linebacker Odell Thurman has filed a claim of disability discrimination against the NFL, and Pro Football Talk is reporting that suspended Buccaneers cornerback Torrie Cox has filed a similar claim. The players say the league is discriminating against them because of the league's belief that they're alcoholics.

Michael Vick Judge Clears Docket: The Atlanta television station WSB suggests that the judge may have cleared his schedule because he has been informed that Vick will plead guilty that day. Other hearings in cases unrelated to Vick had previously been scheduled for Monday, but now nothing shows up on Hudson's Monday schedule.

Jason GiambiMLB:
Did Giambi Buy His Way Out of a Suspension? So let's get this straight: Giambi is not being punished but is instead "donating" $100,000 to charity. He's not being "fined," mind you, but giving on his own volition. Awesome. What a great coincidence. Too bad no one will believe it. What's the point in trying to spin this, Bud? You want the players to shut up and play instead of being honest. The steroid era is your legacy -- embrace it.

What? You Thought Sheff Would Shut Up? Gary, your words were shown on tape on a television show. It's not like some reporter took you out of context, buddy. So are you worried that you may have hurt your relationship with Derek Jeter?
"If I lose friends, so what. I don't need friends. I've got plenty of friends," Sheffield said.
None of them like him, but he's got tons of em!

This Time, Scott Olsen's Agent Will Do The Fighting (Verbally, of Course): Matt told you earlier about Marlins' president David Samson, and how he talked about how he doesn't want any convicted felons in his organization. And that drew the ire of Olsen's agent, who now does Scott's fighting for him:
"Unless he's sitting in on the sessions, he wouldn't know...He is the last man on earth who has the right to comment on the moral barometer of another person," he said. Sosnick noted Samson has been accused of making coarse, sexist comments on the radio and criticized for comments faulting the Seattle Mariners' decision to give Ichiro Suzuki a $90 million contract extension.
Should the Bridge Tragedy Cost the Twins Their New Ballpark? I see where he's coming from, but it's a slippery slope. Should anyone buying a ticket to a game feel guilty about not instead donating that money to a college fund for children who lost their parents? You can't argue with the logic ... but it's not how society works.

Mr. Met 'Gets His Bhangra On': Well, as the mascot proves in the above video, he is not just limiting himself to birthday party appearances. Why, just look at him busting a move on the dance floor here, at Pinty and Pooja's wedding. I bet it got pretty hot in that suit after a while.

NCAA Football:
Mike Gundy Only Thinks He's Driving a Lexus: "It's like you can drive a Honda, with better gas mileage," Gundy said. "I like Hondas. I know I can get there just as good. But it doesn't look as good as driving a Lexus. That's a fact of life." We're left to assume he thinks his team is that Lexus. I smell an auto dealership sponsorship coming. Oh wait, Oklahoma had that and got into all kinds of hot water so maybe not. Either way: vroom vroom, at least until you face Georgia in week one, Texas in week ten and Oklahoma in week 13.

Video: Woody Austin Is a Big Believer in Self-Flagellation: I think most rational people can agree that Woody Austin is bonkers, but just in case you need convincing, here's the real life William 'D-Fens' Foster jacking himself in the noggin with his putter (that sounds a lot more salacious than it should):


High Fives: Top 5 Wayne Gretzky Single-Season Records: With all the Gretz love going around, I figured it would be a good time to look at some of his single-season records. After all, when he retired, he had 40 regular season records.

David Beckham's First MLS Goal Seen By 9,223 Paying Fans: The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that "about 8,000 free tickets were distributed for the match." That's a total of 9,223. This picture says it all.

Lovely Ladies of the WNBA: The other day my esteemed colleague Tom Ziller mentioned offhand that Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson of the Seattle Storm are "probably the best-looking players in the WNBA." With much love to Bird and LJ, I have to disagree with Tom here. The WNBA is full of many other beautiful women of all types, shapes, and colors.