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30 August 2007

FanHouse: Thu AM 'Tressel Loves Celine Dion' Edition

Scroll all the way down for the final pick in the NBA FanHouse's search for the league's best cornerstone.
At ESPN.com, Blogs Rank Far Behind Video, Fantasy and Synergy: The decision-makers at ESPN.com see three things as the top priorities for the site: Video, fantasy games and using the web to integrate all of ESPN's different platforms (TV, radio, magazine, etc.). Blogs are way down on the list of what ESPN.com cares about.

Congress to Hold WWE Steroids Hearing: According to the New York Daily News, the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection will hold its hearing late next month as a response to the premature death of wrestler Chris Benoit.

Bidders on Bonds Ball: Thanks, But No Thanks: Matt Murphy had a chance to sell the ball for $500,000 outright, the real-world equivalent of Ebay's "But It Now" feature. It's looking more and more like Murphy should have taken the bait; with a starting bid of $100,000, and no one driving the price up at all in the first few days, Murphy could be cashing in on considerably less than half a mil. Ouch.

Baseball Attendance Increasing Yet Again: Even though baseballs have been flying out of the ballpark at a much less alarming rate this year, fans are still filling the seats. In fact, MLB is on pace to set an attendance record for its fourth straight year.

A.J. Pierzynski Isn't Always the Easiest Person to Get Along With: If saying "I'm sorry or whatever" doesn't show he's the bigger man, I don't know what does. Apparently the tiff started when Pierzynski returned to the dugout after grounding out against Manny Delcarmen. Pierzynski, whose pre-game routinely famously includes always going the extra mile to prepare playing cards instead of working on a game plan, was surprised when Delcarmen threw him a cutter.

NCAA Football:
Jim Tressel's Heart Will Go On: Eleven Warriors, an Ohio State blog that might want to consider renaming itself "Eleven Warriors and a Celine Dion Fan," has the details it greatly wishes it did not have to relate.

Beckham Sprains Knee, Watches Galaxy Lose $1 Million on Missed PKs: Beckham got to the ball at the same time as Pachuca's Fernando Salazar, and they were unfortunate to kick it at exactly the same time, creating the effect of the infamous cement ball prank.

The Summer of Answers: Kobe is the Biggest Cornerstone: You might as well change his middle name to Lovehimorhatehim; ballhog taunts and ever-clever rape 'jokes' will follow him til his jersey hangs. But really, is there any question Kobe is the best player in the universe?