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30 August 2007

I love the early undefined voices

Damn Train rented the first season of The Muppet Show, which is fucking transcendent. Gonzo's voice isn't quite there yet, like the Season One Homer who always sounds like he has food in his mouth. But batshit insanity is.

I have to go to bed so that I may wake early and up and do FanHouse shazbot. Yeah, you may have seen a later version of this, but just consider that this was the opening act on the opening episode for a TV show on an American network at one time:

It's followed in a bit with Rowlf's "rendition of one of the great songs of our time,"

You and I and George
Went strolling throught the park one day

And then you held my hand
As if to say,
I loooooove you, you
Then, we passed a brook

And George fell in and drowned himself
And floated out to sea

Leaving you alooooone with me.

Keep in mind that Tom Waits was only barely starting to be cool at this point. I do believe Rowlf beat him to the murder ballad punch by at least a year.