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24 September 2007

FanHouse: Mon AM 'The FanHouse Minute Debut' Edition

The big news for us today (bigger than this) is the triumphant debut of FanHouse Minute vlog, which is like 60 Minutes, but with seconds. Keep stoping by all week to see the debut of three more of the blogosphere's best lady vloggers roll out the news.

Media Watch:
Mike Patrick Scoffs At Your Silly Overtime: This was completely and utterly surreal watching it live, so it probably merits some FanHouse postin': it's overtime in the Georgia-Alabama game; the Dawgs are about to get the ball after holding the Tide to a field goal. Tense moments and all that, but Mike Patrick has something else on his mind. Something that Justin Timberlake wrecked (no, not "the glory that was N'Sync").

Mike Gundy Hates Media Inaccuracies, Hopes You Have Kids One Day: What makes his tirade more unbelievable is that it followed a Cowboy win. Had they lost I can only imagine the carnage facing the frightened local media.

The Debriefing: The Seven Deadly Sins of Sunday ... Week 3: McNabb, who was booed in pregame introductions by people who watch Rocky movies and jump up and down and celebrate when Rocky wins, was perfect yesterday.

Hall Loses Game for Falcons, Blames Refs: Hall was flagged for 67 yards in penalties, drawing a pass interference call against Steve Smith, and later a personal foul penalty for mixing it up with the Panthers wideout. But it was the last flag for unsportsmanlike conduct that pretty much sealed Atlanta's fate. A would-be fourth down field-goal attempt turned into a Carolina first down, and two plays later, a Carolina touchdown.

Teams Are Now 3-1 in Throwback Unis: Unlike the Steelers and Eagles, the Redskins didn't have much luck in the old-timeys. Maybe it had something to do with the Radio Shack inspired "R" on the side of the helmet, or the canary yellow britches, but Giants quarterback Elisha Manning wasn't intimidated.

NFL Bans Cheerleaders From Flaunting It in Front of Visiting Players: Apparently there were concerns around the league that some teams had specifically told their cheerleading units to warm up prior to the game right in front of the visiting team, in hopes that the visiting team's players would be too distracted checking out the cheerleaders to pay attention to their coaches' pregame instructions.

High School Team Trying Belichick Tactics? Jose Rodriguez apparently knew he was breaking the rules, since when he was first confronted he claimed he wasn't affiliated with Largo and that his name was Jose Smith.

Computer Dorks Prefer Culpepper to McCown: AccuScore, which is kinda like Madden but not as powerful, is used by computer geeks (sans pants and stuck in the basements, no doubt) as a predictive tool. Well, the nerds in the nerdery simulated the Raiders-Browns game -- 10,000 times (the dating scene around AccuScore headquarters must be rockin') -- and gave Oakland a 56 percent chance of winning with Josh McCown at the controls.

NCAA Football:
Sunday College Football Hangover: Week Four: The Cardinals' matador defense showed up again this week against an offense seemingly crappy enough to do little against it. Oops.

Konrad Reuland Transferring From Notre Dame? Multiple posters on NDNation are reporting that sophomore tight end Konrad Reuland is jumping off Charlie Weis' sinking ship. No official source on the transfer yet, but the thread there is far more than some yahoo getting online to yank chains.

Notre Dame's Offense Finally Gets a Touchdown .. and Michigan State fans now weep in shame.

A Restless Proletariat Has Made Its Demands: We Want Bernie Brewer's Mug Back! "It is MILLER Park. They are the BREWERS," one wrote. "You have to walk through 40,000 people grilling out and drinking to get there. You can't suddenly make it a nonalcoholic family event just by having Bernie slide down some lame slide! Stupidest move in sports."

Video: Milton Bradley Does the Most Milton Bradley Thing of All Time: He literally hurt himself by getting angry and defying authority. Has a player ever summed up his entire career more succinctly with one play?

Future Owner of the Cubs: Alex Rodriguez? Apparently Scott Boras has been in discussions with who he believes is the "frontrunner" to purchase the Cubs this offseason about Alex Rodriguez owning a portion of the Cubs as a partial trade for his free agent services.

Is The NHL Ignoring a Concussion Problem? What would you think if I told you that NHL players were fives times more likely to suffer a concussion -- like the one that Dean McAmmond, pictured above, suffered at the hands of Chris Pronger in the Stanley Cup Finals in June -- than their counterparts in the NFL?