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25 September 2007

FanHouse: Tue AM 'NASCAR Fans Attack ESPN on ABC' Edition

In the Media Watch, you can find 60 comments of complaints about ESPN's NASCAR coverage. In MLB, it's full spectrum Milton Bradley. In college football, you'll find a historical appreciation of the Syracuse loss, and an original song about it.

And if you scroll down to the bottom, you'll be introduced to the NHL's Photos of the Week Feature, which begins with one guy hitting another so hard it looks like the punchee's head comes off.

Media Watch:
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall: Get Ready to Learn More About Your Favorite Cheaters: Yahoo!'s Dan Wetzel writes about a potential bombshell today: the D.E.A.'s largest performance-enhancer sting ever. Thanks to the sting, a huge database of known criminals is being created, and could be used against Major League Baseball players (and other professional athletes).

Mike Tirico: 'Eli's Stats Are Very Similar to Peyton Manning's.' Say What? I like Tirico, but that's ridiculous. Just look at the NFL's passing stats.

Video: Howie Mandel Is a Germophobe; Marshall Faulk Does Not Care: If you type "germophobe" into Google, the second result you get is the Wikipedia entry for Howie Mandel, the Deal or No Deal host who is well known for having a fear of germs. Mandel was, for some reason, on NFL Network talking to Marshall Faulk, and his fear of germs was on full display.

Dan Snyder Does Not Care for the Opinions of 26-Year-Olds: Isn't Snyder just about the last person who should be suggesting that 26-year-olds, based on their age, can't be trusted? Hasn't the whole age thing been used against Snyder, who bought the Redskins when he was in his early 30s?

ESPN and MLB Feud Over Playoff Promos: ESPN will not be airing MLB playoff games this year, and they're not all that interested in advertising for the stations that will be. If ESPN doesn't relent, MLB will once again lay down the law by limiting access.

Fans: NASCAR on ESPN on ABC Sucks: Everyone has a different complaint about ESPN on ABC's coverage of NASCAR, so this one's going to be a bit of a free-for-all. What's your beef?

The Debriefing: Bradley-Baiting Ump Should Be Banished: I also believe him when he says he didn't throw his bat at any umpire. We've all seen Milton Bradley get mad before, right? If he was angered to the point of using a Louisville Slugger for violent purposes, he wouldn't toss it in someone's general vicinity ... it would be more like how Nicky and his brother were whacked at the end of Casino (graphic violence -- really freaking graphic violence -- at that link).

Coach: The Umpire Provoked Milton Bradley: "In 26 years of baseball, I couldn't believe my ears the way that he spoke to Milton. [It] was so disrespectful, so angry, so vindictive. The boiling point is when he called Milton a name. Milton did not saying anything to him to get him to do that."

Devil Rays Dropping 'Devil' From Nickname: While some people can mock the Rays for the change, I applaud it. A complete franchise makeover includes changing the nickname and uniforms in order to avoid all ties to the past culture of losing.

The Dugout: Milton Bradley Invokes the Fury of Bud Black: After hours of tedious lip-reading and conjecture, I have done my best to reconstruct it in chat-room format. I'm almost certain that it's completely accurate.

College Football:
The Biggest Upset in College Football History: Not Appalachian State-Michigan: By any definition of the term "good," Appalachian State was not good. But the Apps were only a 22-23 point underdog, depending on who you listen to. Syracuse, on the other hand...

College Football Songbook: Steve Kragthorpe had Better Start Looking for a Job: Louisville? What the? You lost to Syracuse! Syracuse!!! I don't know that anything else needs to be said.

The Inevitable: Spurrier Benches Mitchell, Smelley to Start Saturday: Anybody who has followed the Ol' Ball Coach's career has seen this same drama played out time and again: Spurrier sees his quarterback playing differently than he'd play quarterback (i.e., perfectly), so he sits him down.

Will Notre Dame Get Passed in All Time Victories This Year? As of now, the Longhorns are just four games behind Notre Dame for #2 all time. If Notre Dame goes 4-8, which looks like an absolute best-case scenario, Texas can pass ND if they go 13-1.

College Basketball:
Geno Auriemma on Pat Summitt: 'She's Not Playing Us Because She Hates My Guts': I don't know anything about the personal rancor between these two, but I do know it's a shame that they won't play each other. The two most storied programs should find a way to meet on the court every year, whether the coaches like each other or not.

Photos of the Week: Rangers, Islanders Practice Beating the Hell Out of Each Other