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17 September 2007

FanHouse: Mon AM 'Pats Video Hits the YouTubes' Edition

The second link below shows you the tape you've been hearing about all week. And all the way at the bottom, you can see a photo gallery that walks you through 15 years of Pittsburgh Pirates futility.

The Blazers Can Kiss National TV Exposure Goodbye: Less than 48 hours following the announcement that Greg Oden won't play during the '07-'08 season, the big networks (ESPN, TNT, et al.) that are slated to carry NBA games are already trying to kick the Portland Trailblazers off the National TV broadcast schedule.

Video: Fox Shows Confiscated Patriots Tape: Here's the video: There's nothing subtle about that. It was a huge scoop for Jay Glazer of Fox to obtain the tape, copies of which had apparently been circulated to multiple members of the league's Competition Committee.

One Sports Writer Votes 'No' on Belichick's Hall of Fame Candidacy: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Ed Bouchette lays it out in this morning's column: 'Vote NO on Belichick.' Doesn't leave much room for misinterpretation, huh?

Video: O.J. Simpson: If I Only Had a Brain: Hall of Fame running back and double murderer (allegedly) O.J. Simpson was arrested today, but he was whistling a happy tune Saturday night. That sounded like he was whistling "If I Only Had a Brain" from The Wizard of Oz. I have to admit, it's a catchy song.

The Debriefing: The Seven Deadly Sins of Sunday ... Week 2: There was not one aspect of the Cincinatti defense that was even passable. They never sacked Derek Anderson ... not once. The Pittsburgh defense sacked Cleveland QBs 6 times last week.

Chad Johnson Is No Ron Artest: If Johnson had decided to react the way Ron Artest famously reacted at The Palace of Auburn Hills, we would have had a nightmare on our hands. But Johnson didn't do anything of the kind. He just did his celebration and went to the sideline. See how easy that is, Ron?

Belichick Cheats, Gets New Contract: Still, the contract's sure to have some kind of moral clause -- most professional contracts do -- and if Kraft wanted to part ways with Belichick he certainly could've done it. Apparently, winning -- no matter the means -- is more important.

Roger Goodell: No Sympathy for Wade Wilson: By saying, "that's not an accurate point," Goodell seemed to be suggesting that Wilson is lying when he says he takes HGH for treatment of diabetes. But if that's the case, why wouldn't Goodell get into why Wilson was taking it?

Coach Killers, Week 2: Tom Coughlin, Dead Man Walking: Two plays and -15 yards later, New York had to settle for a field goal ... again. For as much as Coughlin claims to be a disciplinarian, his team has an uncanny knack for making boneheaded mistakes at critical moments.

NCAA Football:
Greg Schiano Thinks He's Magnum PI Or Something: Rutgers has a helicopter it uses to ferry Greg Schiano around bucolic (ha!) New Jersey. I demand -- seriously, this is a demand from the FanHouse, do not #*$@ with the FanHouse -- Schiano grow a killer mustache, start liking the Tigers, and hire Piscataway High School head coach Dan Higgins.

Ball Boy Admits Auburn Football Stole Signals: With all the Belichick goings-on this week, it appears the cheating scandals are about to cross over into college football.

Video: The New Accountability at Notre Dame Is by Not Talking About It: Charlie Weis after his Notre Dame team lost to Michigan 38-0: I'm accountable, but I'm not going to talk about this game? The team isn't going to talk about the game?

NCAA Basketball:
Pitt Point Guard Tasered: Fields was charged with aggravated assault, disarming a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.


Tiger Woods Wins FedEx Cup, No One Cares: Tiger showed his disdain for the thing by skipping the first playoff event. Still, he tried to be a team player yesterday

Bonds' Record Ball ... Wait, $750K!? It looked like Murphy made a horrible to turn down a sure-fire $500,000 up until the last day of the auction, when the ball rose in value from about $200,000 to its final price.

Is A-Rod Worth $30 Million? Dan Rosenheck, writing today in the New York Times, says no.

The Pittsburgh Pirates Clinch Their Fifteenth Consecutive Losing Season: Below I've compiled a gallery with a picture from each of the past 15 years, showing players that have gotten the Pirates to this point and some of my memories of them. I would say I hope you'll enjoy it, but if you're a Pirate fan it probably won't do much other than promote self-loathing.