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18 September 2007

FanHouse: Tue AM 'Tabloids Are Still Meaner Than Blogs' Edition

Lots of NY tabloid fun today: the Post and the Daily News give what-for to the Pats and MSG. The first MLB video has to be seen to be believed, and you can scroll al the way to the bottom for the triumphant return of our College Football Songbook. This week's little ditty goes out to Auburn.

New York Post Puts Asterisk Next to Patriots: The New York Post has a unique way of doing things, to say the least, and the latest example comes from the NFL standings in the paper's sports section. Columnist Mark Cannizzaro explains why they've put an asterisk next to the New England Patriots.

Pimpin' Ain't Easy, but ESPN's Gotta Do It: In case you missed it, Awful Announcing caught ESPN reminding people that cheerleaders may be great eye candy, but the girls who play soccer are the really freaky ones -- which, of course, is exactly the message you want to send when promoting the FIFA Women's World Cup.

Suns Marketing Is Short on Science: I'm a huge supporter of everything that the Phoenix Suns stand for, so I like this commercial. Especially the line "where chaos is organized," though you could just as easily say "where organization is chaotic."

Tom Brady on Bill Belichick 'He's Probably the Best Coach in the History of the NFL': Belichick is a great coach, although I'm not quite ready to put him in that company. But in any event, Brady is painfully naive if he believes this cheating scandal hasn't tarnished Belichick's legacy.

The Debriefing: The Booing of Donovan McNabb is Ignorant, but Not a Huge Surprise: I know you Eagles fans have a reputation as being really tough, and you're famous for booing, and don't get me wrong, you should be really proud of that, because it takes a lot of thought and pride to boo ... but aren't there some guys who have earned a pass?

Chad Johnson: 'My Whole Uniform Smells Like Beer Right Now': Johnson gave all the right answers about the loss, including, "If the defense gives up 51 points, that means we need to score 52."

Bill Belichick's $500,000 Fine Is Tax Deductible: I can assure you that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell won't stand for No. 1, but I have no idea what Nos. 2, 3 and 4 mean. I guess the bottom line is that when you consider the tax ramifications, this is more like a $380,000 fine than a $500,000 fine.

Video: Step Up and Watch the Amazing Bat Control of Martin Prado: This is just ... not very likely to ever happen again. Ever. During a Mets-Braves game last week, Martin Prado grounded out, let go of his bat and it stood upright.

The Red Sox Costume Video, Just for You: In case you lost count, that's Daisuke Matsuzaka dressed up as the Teletubbie Dipsy, Hideki Okajima and Jacob Ellsbury as female pirates, Clay Buchholz as Minnie Mouse and Brandon Moss as "The Wizard of Oz's" Dorothy.

Bonds Ball Owner Leaves Fate Up to You: Because the newly minted owner, Marc Ecko (yes, the designer of the Ecko clothing line you can lesuirely peruse at any local T.J. Maxx), is offering fans the chance to decide the ball's fate through our most egalitarian of processes: the vote!

Stern Could Step in at MSG: Yet another potential bombshell from the MSG case (no longer just Isiah Thomas): David Stern might use this as an excuse to dislodge Jim Dolan. From the Daily News: "If David Stern is smart - and nobody ever accused him of anything otherwise - then this disaster may yet turn into the commissioner's chance to exile the Knicks' resident bully for at least awhile."

Are the Knicks Pleading Incompetence? This Knicks fiasco has been a quiet goldmine of material and punchlines. One of the most subtle so far has come from, of all places, the New York Post. Here's Phil Mushnick's take on what MSG's defense really means:

Is Dwyane Wade's Marriage Over? Apparently, he never really learned to be discreet, or just didn't think it mattered that much. Either way, this might do some damage to his super-wholesome image.

Blazers Defend Oden's Knees, Themselves: Pritchard insisted that their MRI's were "absolutely pristine," and then got reflective about the anonymous executives and their nefarious rumors.

NCAA Football:
College Football Songbook: Losing to Croom Can Get You Fired: This past weekend was certainly a target rich environment with Kentucky beating Louisville, Utah beating UCLA, and Tennessee getting crushed by Florida. But for our money, the best story was Auburn getting upset at home by Mississippi St. So sit back and enjoy. And remember, losing to Sylvester Croom can get you fired!

Tommy Bowden Should Probably Not Call Out Coaches With Actual Accomplishments: "We won. That's not something Lloyd Carr can say," said Bowden. What a tool. If Steve Spurrier or Jim Tressel wanted to break that out, fine. But Tommy Bowden?