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18 September 2007

My Afternoon Prayer

Please kill this word, and make it Buckwheats ugly.

Clinton (Indianapolis): Dane, what was it like working on something as tense as Mr. Brooks? Would you like to play another role like that soon?

Dane Cook: (10:04 AM ET ) It was nice to do something outside of my wheelhouse.
Dear YHWH, please go forth and tell the people across this land who have for some reason adopted this phrase over the summer: If you don't own a ship, then you don't own a wheelhouse to go outside of. It doesn't even make sense how you're using it. People should stop using this word.

And Sir, if they do use that phrase, even just for one half of a split [freak]ing second, then maybe You, in Your infinite wisdom, will see that they are reamed by a train of hot sausages. It would make things easier on me. Thanks.