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30 September 2007

FanHouse: Mon AM 'T-Mac in Darfur' Edition

Happy Monday.

Media Watch:
Stewart to ESPN: Get the #%($ Away from Me: During Cup practice at Kansas Speedway, when Stewart saw the ESPN cameras gunning for him he said, "What? Get the [expletive] away from me." Understandable. Problem is ... camera was rolling and since ESPN doesn't "feel the need to use a tape-delay when working with professional athletes."

CBS Fails to Pay Attention, Again: Troy Polamalu, Bryant McFadden and Deshea Townsend and key backup Chris Hoke all joining Hines Ward on the sideline at one point or another. But CBS barely noticed some of the injuries.

ESPN Muzzles John Buccigross: Buccigross column has been something of an online beacon for hockey fans. But as Sports Media Watch reported earlier today, it looks like the powers at be at ESPN think Buccigross went just a little too far.

LeBron on SNL: Some Kind of Disaster: During that monologue, LBJ had more yips than Dirk Nowitzki in the playoffs. And when you score at home, most of the skits were outright terrible. Blame it on the writing -- a lot of the jokes were just lame. But LeBron didn't provide much help on-screen.

The Debriefing: The Seven Deadly Sins of Sunday ... Week 4: No disrespect to Brett Favre, who's playing his best football in years, and again has made the Packers relevant ... but Romo is the engine of the NFC's best team.

Some Colts Players Distracted by Cheerleaders, Applaud Rules Change: "It was like something from a movie," said Indianapolis Colts cornerback Marlin Jackson. "You come into the locker room and they're lined up stretching. I was like, 'What's going on here?'"

Fire Turner. Hire Schottenheimer. Now. I'm completely serious. Chargers owner Dean Spanos needs to pick up the phone tonight.

Dolphins' Defense Just Plain Sucks in 35-17 Loss To Raiders: what the Oakland Raiders did to the Miami Dolphins today was flat out embarrassing. The Raidahs showed absolutely no respect at all for the Phins' defense by unabashedly running the ball down Miami's throats.

Bengals To Wear Orange Unis Against Patriots On Monday Night: The Cincinnati Bengals are 6-0 wearing orange jerseys - 3-0 with black pants and 3-0 with white pants.

ACC Trouble:
Did UNC Commit Recruiting Violations? Guard Iman Shumpert of Oak Park, Ill., told the [News &] Observer he spoke with and played pickup basketball against NBA players Raymond Felton, Sean May and Marvin Williams during his official visit. All three played for North Carolina's 2005 NCAA championship team.

A Year and a Half Later, Duke President Offers Meaningless Apology to Lacrosse Players: Broadhead didn't just fail to reach out, he actively worked to perpetuate the notion that these three innocent men were guilty. By canceling the lacrosse team's season and pressuring the coach to resign, he gave credence to the idea that the lacrosse team had done something warranting punishment.

The Mets Historical Collapse is Complete: Blame the lack of fundamentals, as players routinely attempted to steal third base with two outs, failed to run out ground balls, were late covering bases, and at one point, costing themselves runs by forgetting what the rules are on a force play.

Farewell, Craig Biggio: Overall, he's been on base more than any current player not named Barry Bonds, who's in a league of his own when it comes to getting to first base. And yeah, I'm cherry-picking stats, but that's not the point. The point is that under all the pine tar and grit and dirt is a real Hall of Famer.

Groin Injury Video:
K-1 Low Blow: Mighty Mo vs. Choi Hong-man: This clip comes from Choi Hong-man's victory over Mighty Mo at the K-1 World Grand Prix Final Saturday night, and I must attach a warning: If you're male, it's going to make you hurt.

T-Mac Travels to Darfur Refugee Camps: McGrady went on his own, and brought a film crew to document both the situation and his crash course in its harsh realities. The plan is to produce a documentary that can attract fans of the NBA.

NCAA Football:
Rutgers Has No Excuse: How does a team, that hasn't had a real challenge all season; played at home for every game; and is coming off the bye, struggle -- let alone lose -- when it claims/aspires to be a top-10/BCS Championship team?

Won't Someone Please Notice Michael Crabtree? Through five games Crabtree, a redshirt freshman, has 60 receptions for 920 yards and 14 touchdowns. Yes, 14(!) touchdowns.

Sunday College Football Hangover: Week Five: There's a smoldering mess the morning after. I do not envy the pollsters who must figure out the rankings. USC and LSU are obvious contenders for the number one spot but after that it's a huge mess.