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02 October 2007

FanHouse: Tue AM 'Vick's Dogs Live' Edition

Tuesday means a new College Football Songbook in the memo: an exceptionall good one, thanks to the upsets this weekend. Plus, just-about-full slate of MLB postseason previews. But no Longoria sex tape, sorry.

Media Watch:
Rangers Waging Cold War on the NHL? The league sent out a notice about its annual season-opening launch party. This year, it'll be with players from the Islanders, Devils and Sabres all scheduled to attend. No mention, however, of Rangers stars, all of whom ply their trade a stone's throw from the official party headquarters.

Vince Young Boasts a Terrible Tat: But part of being a great leader is the belief that you can get your team out of any situation. You have to have complete confidence in yourself, which may explain why Vince Young sports a tattoo of his name on his back.

Most of Michael Vick's Dogs Won't Be Killed: Papers indicated that 48 of the 49 dogs had been examined and would not be immediately euthanized. One dog was so aggressive toward people that it could not be examined, and that dog will be killed.

MNF: Patriots Manhandle Bengals Again: The offense, who loves to say they are so explosive, struggle to score in the redzone. Frustration has set in and the vultures are circling. If not for Steve McNair giftwrapping the football in Week 1 ... the Bengals would be 0-4 right now.

Bill Parcells: 49ers Engaged in Funny Business During 1980s Playoffs: The referee would order Parcells and his staff to take off their headsets, too, and that would give the 49ers an advantage. Then, later in the game, once the 49ers had used all their scripted plays, Walsh would tell the referee the 49ers had gotten their headsets fixed.

Willie RandolphMLB:
Minaya Won't Say If Randolph Will Return:
I'm not sure if what Minaya is doing is admirable or not. On the one hand, he's being honest with the press, which is always appreciated. But on the other hand, he's kind of hanging his manager out to dry by admitting there's even a chance he won't come back.

Live Blog: Padres Rockies One Game Playoff: And now Peavy loses his bat in the stands in almost the same place as Fogg. Betcha Peavy's bat gets more on eBay than Fogg's.

Mets Collapse: The Hidden Cost: What's the loss in brass tacks? Besides the $1 million+ for each home playoff game, what did the Mets really lose when they surrendered their division lead over the last month of the season? As the well-dressed Darren Rovell reports, lots and lots of luxury boxes.

Fall Down or Fall Classic: Los Angeles Angels: In a baseball world gone ga-ga for sabremetrics the last few years, it's nice to see a team that still appreciates the value of the stolen base. In the cold weather of October, as pitchers reign supreme over hitters, stolen bases become even more important.

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Do Not Have an Internet Sex Tape: After spending quite a bit of time using various search engines to seek out the, um, truth in this story, I'm here to tell you that despite Eva's seemingly endless attempts to place herself in the spotlight, it doesn't seem as though she's actually made the leap to amateur porn.

Blame God for the New Marbury: This provides a stronger explanation for his recent behavior than "he's smoking crack." Of course, the whole Starbury shoe movement preceded this, so there's at least one weird thing he did sans J.C. But the intern business came before, so if nothing else, he's figured out a way out of that particular pickle.

NASCAR Was Wrong Sunday at Kansas: They were wrong to award Greg Biffle his first win of the season because the "field was frozen at the point of yellow." They were wrong to make such a blatant call without first reviewing any evidence. And most importantly, they were wrong in trying to cover up the move so quickly with answers that sounded more like excuses.