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03 October 2007

FanHouse: Wed AM 'All Isiah' Edition

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Media Watch:
MSG-Inspired Confusion Reigns:
Anyone who blindly gets their news from the New York Times may have read about Stephon Marbury's fling with a Knicks intern, which took place in his automobile, and assumed he was some kind of circus acrobat and not an NBA player -- at least until they ran this correction today (at the bottom):
An earlier version of this article misstated the location of a 2005 sexual encounter between Stephon Marbury of the Knicks and a team intern. Mr. Marbury testified that it took place in his truck, not in the trunk of his car.
So there you go. Marbury got it on in the backseat of his car, not in the trunk. Because, you know, NBA players generally don't fit into trunks, let alone with enough room to spare for their sexual partners.

Isiah's Knicks: Greatest Hits: #5: The Knicks-Nuggets Fight: As far as overanalyzed NBA fistfights go, the Nuggets-Knicks brawl was relatively tame. No fans got arrested, no one missed an entire season of basketball. But there was a good deal of fall-out, especially for Isiah -- who allegedly instigated the whole thing by sending in the thugs to rough up the Nuggs. Isiah avoided sanctions, but came off looking worse than everyone but backpedaling Melo.

Isiah ThomasThe Debriefing: The Knicks Sex Scandal Is Underrated at #4 This Summer:
The NBA's already said they're not going to do anything to punish Thomas or the Knicks, because anything that happens in a civil trial doesn't bother them in the least (baggy jeans, however, still move David Stern to tears in weekly therapy sessions). Despite everything that happened in that courtroom, the laundry list of accusations against Thomas, the bordering-on-stupid arrogance of James Dolan, the ridiculous behavior from Stephon Marbury ... none of them are really losing anything.

How to Spend $11.6 Million and Actually Improve a Team: Based solely on free agent contracts signed this summer, $11.6 million could have gotten you: FanHouse Roundtable: The Isiah Thomas Fallout Part I: mjd: My guess is that Stern is mad as hell ... after all the trouble he went to for white people, with the dress code and everything, and then Isiah says he doesn't give a **** about them? I think Stern will make Isiah at least promise publicly that he does give a **** about white people.

FanHouse Roundtable: The Isiah Thomas Fallout Part II: Tom Ziller: The owners aren't going to hold a vote on whether to punish the Knicks. The owners have hired Stern (in part) to deal with this crap. And I'm not sure there's a lot of love lost for Dolan and Isiah around the other front offices.

What Does This Mean for Marbury? Just yesterday, he revealed to all the world that he's found Jesus Christ; if you're cynical, that's damage control. Or it's proof that Stephon Marbury is, if not complex, at least one of the more confused and confusing athletes around.

Bonds Ex-Mistress Tells of Barry's Steroid Use: Nude photos and an accompanying article are set to appear in November's issue of the magazine. In an effort to promote the spread, Bell was interviewed by the New York Daily News where she told of Bonds' steroids use.

NCAA Football:
YouTubesDay: Pac Ten Referee Incompetence: Look closely and you'll notice that when USC defensive back Shareece Wright knocks the socks off of Washington's Jake Locker, the Husky quarterback has yet to set foot out of bounds.

Gators Safety Tries To Steal Girlfriend's Car From Towing Company: Concannon said he heard Joiner talking into the phone and saying, "I am probably about to go to jail 'cuz I did push the gate open."

Could Blog Comments Reunite Greg Lloyd With His Estranged Son? Many blogs reported on the estranged Lloyds, including Can't Stop the Bleeding. And something rather extraordinary seems to have happened in the comments to that Can't Stop the Bleeding post: The Lloyds may have re-connected.