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04 September 2007

FanHouse: Mon AM 'Tiki Keeps Talking' Edition

Four-day week!

Report: Tiki Barber Slams Tom Coughlin, Giants Owners and Fans in New Book: Everyone knew about his hatred for Tom Coughlin; the dreaded coach that dared to make him work like everyone else on the team. But what they may not have known about was his bitterness toward the Giants organization, and toward some of the fans.

News Flash: Dick Vitale Doesn't Know Football: At one point during Vitale's "stock up, stock down" segment, he said the Indianapolis' Colts' stock is down because Rodney Harrison admitted to using human growth hormone, apparently not knowing that Harrison plays for the New England Patriots.

NCAA Football:
The Debriefing: An Incredible Weekend of College Football ... for Almost Everyone: Saturday brought out a brand of passion that just can't be manufactured by Roger Goodell and his boys. It's a more innocent, pure, and youthful exuberance that you're not going to find in a stadium full of people who have purchased personal seat licenses and get mad when they have to stand up.

Appalachian State Video From the Michigan Stands: 'We Just Beat Michigan!' I still can't wrap my mind around what happened. And I can't stop watching this:

Michigan Loss Gives Endless Mileage to SEC 'Woofing': Last year's losses weren't enough to get the message across to voters. This time, I think they've learned. This time, I think you can count on Michigan having a long and tough road to climb to regain their credibility.

Video: Mark Mangino Doesn't Like Showboats: If you haven't seen Mark Mangino's reaction to Kansas freshman Raimond Pendleton diving into the end zone during the Jayhawk's 52-7 woodshedding of Central Michigan, then you need to watch this video (warning - explicit language).

Giants Shrink Told Team Not to Draft Shockey: That's surprising, as while Shockey sometimes gets a little overheated both on and off the field, he actually has the kind of competitive, fiery spirit that teams usually crave. It sounds like this psychologist was hired to advise a football team when he would have been better off advising a company on which personality traits to look for in middle managers.

If NFL Players Try UFC, 'It's Going to Be Ugly': While I don't think other NFL players would be quite as pathetic as Morton was, I do think White is basically right: The sports are totally different, and there's no more reason to believe an NFL player would stand a chance in the UFC than there is to believe Chuck Liddell could play in the NFL.

Art Schlichter to Michael Vick: Don't Expect Special Treatment in Prison: Given the company Vick has decided to keep throughout his life, you can bet he's already heard this speech. However, if there is another person qualified to give his advice, it would certainly be Schlichter.

David Ortiz Raps! Ortiz has now added reggaeton star to his resume. Check out this video of Big Papi rocking the mic like he's Gza's next rhyming hero, compliments of You Been Blinded.

Drunk Fans Fighting, Up Close and Personal: As you'd expect when drunken louts throw down, occasional curse words can be heard. Nothing too offensive, but your virgin ears have been warned.

Joe Torre Might Return in 2008 After All: Of course, Torre's contract is up after this season, so regardless about what he wants to do it remains to be seen if GM Brian Cashman will have him back.