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06 September 2007

FanHouse: Thu AM 'The Detroit Tigers' Media Critic' Edition

I'm still smiling a bit over the respeck SI threw the way of our own MDS after he went to Bristol last week. In the spirit of that, we've got a lot of media news this morning, as well as a full slate of NFL predictions at the bottom.

Todd JonesMedia:
Todd Jones, Media Critic: Today, in what appears to be a guest column for the Detroit Free Press, Jones describes the hierarchy of the Detroit sports media. According to him, the columnists are on top, but they can't always be trusted since they're not the best informed. The beat reporters are next, and they're Jones' favorite since they're real "baseball guys. Way, way down on the totem pole are the lowly talk radio hosts.

Jane Skinner, Wife of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Flubs a Line: That's notable only because it gives us the opportunity to link to this famous Fox News flub, in which Skinner attempts to refer to the "top cop" and instead uses a NSFW word that sounds like "cop."

Instant Replay Is Slowly Creeping Into the NBA: I'm fine with replay being used in extenuating circumstances when a stoppage of play has already occurred, but it's dangerously close to tainting the natural flow of the game.

NCAA Football:
Blogpoll Week One: No Michigan Here, Either: Bruins Nation remains the biggest cockeyed homers in the land, ranking UCLA #6.

NCAA Basketball:
Duquesne's Stunning Hypocrisy: Apparently Duquesne and Coach Ron Everhart, while not tolerant of lookouts who are suing the school, had no problem with a player arrested for possession of marijuana this summer.

USC's Tribute To Mario Danelo: When USC scored its first touchdown of the year against the mighty Idaho Vandals (EA NCAA '04 national champs, baby! Fire up the Kibbie Dome!), they didn't send a kicker out onto the field. A first-game error? Not so much.

Did Concussions Lead to Chris Benoit Murder-Suicide? But no one should see this report as an excuse. It should instead serve as a wakeup call that the long-term effects of brain damage in wrestling, boxing, football and other sports have consequences that we don't fully understand

Fanhouse's NFL 2007 Season Predictions

1 New England Patriots 1 Philadelphia Eagles
2 New York Jets 2 Dallas Cowboys
3 Buffalo Bills 3 Washington Redskins
4 Miami Dolphins 4 New York Giants

1 Indianapolis Colts 1 New Orleans Saints
2 Jacksonville Jaguars 2 Carolina Panthers
3 Tennessee Titans 3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4 Houston Texans 4 Atlanta Falcons

1 Baltimore Ravens 1 Chicago Bears
2 Pittsburgh Steelers 2 Green Bay Packers
3 Cincinnati Bengals 3 Detroit Lions
4 Cleveland Browns 4 Minnesota Vikings

1 San Diego Chargers 1 Seattle Seahawks
2 Denver Broncos 2 St Louis Rams
3 Kansas City Chiefs 3 San Francisco 49ers
4 Oakland Raiders 4 Arizona Cardinals