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11 September 2007

FanHouse: Tue AM 'The Mallet-Clausen Bowl' Edition

Scroll all the way to the bottom to witness the bandwagon jackassery that has made its way into international soccer.

The Debriefing: The Kevin Everett Injury Has Me Feeling a Little Like Michael Vick: By the time the Bears/Chargers game came on, and Shaun Phillips pasted Rex Grossman, I was once again ready to celebrate, laugh at, and enjoy it when a player got jacked up. Grossman got hammered, went down in a heap, and I giggled and never gave Everett a thought.

Report: Patriots Bring Spies to Meadowlands; Steal Signals From Jets: According to a report by Dan Leberfeld of Scout.com, Bill Belichick and the Patriots may have brought one of their spies to the game yesterday after all. As if the Patriots weren't good enough, they apparently felt the need to "steal signs."

CFL Commissioner Wants Less Streaking: And if you think that's an odd thing for a sports commissioner to say, you probably haven't seen this video, courtesy of 100% Injury Rate, of last week's game between the Edmonton Eskimos and the Calgary Stampeders.

NCAA Football:
Chad Henne Out For Notre Dame Game; Are You Ready for the Mallett - Clausen Bowl? Last year, Ryan Mallett and Jimmy Clausen were trying to find homecoming dates, getting grounded for staying out past curfew, and laying bloody vengeance on rival high school football teams. This Saturday, they will be piloting two of college football's (it just gets more and more ironic every time you say it...) most storied programs in a battle of winless, unranked disappointments.

Roger ClemensMLB:
Note to Roger Clemens: Call Joe Torre: When most manager want to talk to a player, they can just stick their head out of their office and yell the guy's name. But what do you do when that player is Roger Clemens? A guy for whom you ripped up the rule book and don't actually require to be in the clubhouse in between starts?

Bleacher Bums: Prank Marriage Proposals Are Funny, Dangerous If you're going to prank someone, you may as well go all out ... but did Amir go too far? It's hard to tell. Even if Streeter gets over this, I'm guessing it'll be a long time before his girlfriend does. She went through the entire range of emotions: from surprised to giddy to confused to pure, unadulterated rage.

Does MLB Need a VP of Doping Control? If implemented correctly, this could be a great idea. As Rosenthal alluded to, the only thing Mitchell's report is doing is looking back, and considering none of the players actually want to cooperate, his final report probably won't be nearly as accurate as it could be.

Chris Duncan Is Done for the Year, Is Tony La Russa Leaving Next? GM Walt Jocketty's contract is also up at the end of this season and it's speculated he and La Russa might head off in a different direction together, though the Pirates' CEO position that Jocketty was widely believed to be a candidate for has now been filled.

Greg Oden Will Have His Knee Cut: Oden underwent the MRI after experiencing nagging pain last week while during voluntary workouts with some of his new teammates. He can't recall a specific instance when he injured the knee, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything good or bad.

USA-Brazil In Pictures
A whole mess of pictures from the USA-Brazil game mostly featuring fans of various descriptions, many of them "doofus Americans rooting for Brazil." If anyone from the INS is reading this, they should be deported. Not the INS people, the doofus carpetbagging Brazil fans.