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19 October 2007

The 1990's Were an Elaborate Marketing Plan for African Tourism

This is not surprising:
What does the word Rwanda evoke? What about Uganda, Bosnia, or Lebanon? If your thoughts turn to war, chaos, and suffering, you’re not alone. But Rwanda and Uganda are also among a handful of places in the world where tourists can see endangered mountain gorillas. Lebanon is home to breathtaking beaches and ancient ruins. And Bosnia has a storied multi-ethnic culture and excellent skiing.

All of these countries would like travelers to see just what they are missing. Increasingly, regions that were previously war-torn, suffering under brutal dictatorships, or simply off-limits to adventurers are trying to woo the curious with catchy slogans, promises of unspoiled coastlines, and, more often than not, a taste of the conflict that put these locales in the news.
People like to travel to places with history. "History" usually means "people dying for no damned good reason." The prescedent is clear: Combine a horrifying selection of skulls with decent coffee and you've got yourself a tourist destination.