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21 October 2007

FanHouse: Mon AM 'J.R. Smith Tore Up a Club' Edition

We want to congratulate the L.A. Times on their 'Kobe Advisory System.' We have no idea where they might have gotten such an idea.

Horrid-Media Watch:
Murray Chass Digs Dane Cook: That is what you would call a friendly review. A far more annoyed viewer might call Cook's commercials irritating, frustrating, worthy of a sharpened railroad spike to the temple ... something like that. But such viewers would obviously be incorrect, because when Murray Chass says you are are cool, you are most definitely cool. Way cool.

Selena Roberts Is Suspicious of the Red Sox: In terms of sheer ridiculousness, I didn't think that would be topped for weeks (Dane Cook?!), but Selena Roberts pulled it off with a whiny, bitter piece complaining about the timing of Paul Byrd's HGH bombshell and thinly-veiled conspiracy theories as to why the Red Sox never seem to be caught up in any kind of steroid controversy.

Olbermann: Steelers Could Go 15-1: As he points out, the Steelers are second in the league in margin of victory (ahead of the Colts) and lead the league in fewest points allowed and fewest yards allowed. And most importantly face an easy schedule over the second half of the season.

The Dugout: Say a Prayer for Kenny Lofton: He's bounced around to eleven different teams throughout his major-league career, and that doesn't even take into account the fact that he's spent three different stints with Cleveland. As fate would have it, he's happened to reach the postseason eleven times. Granted, all his appearances have been in the Wild Card era, but it's still remarkable that he played for some pretty great teams (of note, the '95 Indians, '02 Giants, and '04 Yankees), and doesn't own a single championship ring.

NCAA Football:
A Toast to the Ghost of Rockne: Not sure what to make of the video below ... In it, several USC fans are hanging around the grave site of legendary Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne. I think they mean well as one member of the party downs a shot of whiskey, leaves a shotglass full of the stuff on the grave and pours a little out on the grass for good measure.

Next Step in Nebraska's Demise: The Tell-All Book: Denigrating the state's people, as well as a legend like Osborne certainly won't help as Callahan dangles from a frail thread at NU. The timing also hurts the popular view that Osborne's presence would speed the healing.

NFL Gameday:
New England Pounds Miami, As Predicted, But Bringing Brady Back Was Classless: Brady into the game up 21 points? Especially on a drive that started near midfield. And then pass on the first two plays of the series, in shotgun formation. Sorry, but that is a bit classless and, while I wish no one any harm, would've served Bill Belichick right if Brady did get injured on such a stunt.

Brian Billick Ain't Long for Baltimore: It's the offensive play-calling that's killing the Ravens. Last week, the Baltimore Sun suggested that Billick should give up those duties (but acknowledged that it won't happen), and I suspect we'll hear more of the same this week.

Shula Can Not Tell a Lie About PatriotGate: Just so there's no confusion, Shula says he has a lot of respect for both Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. And he thinks this 2007 team is the biggest threat to the '72 record. Assuming it happens, Freeman wonders if, in light of Shula's comments, the Patriots and Dolphins undefeated seasons would be viewed differently.

J.R. Smith's Suspension, Explained: So Smith allegedly tore up a club and caused someone injuries which required an ambulance. And Smith doesn't seem to be proclaiming innocence given he apologized to the team for looking like a "team cancer" a few days ago. And the team suspension doesn't look very good either, in terms of "not guilty."

Six NBA Refs Penalized For Exhibiting Perfectly Acceptable Human Behavior: This morning, the New York Daily News broke word the NBA has punished six referees for minor contractual violations no one cared about before June. The crimes were gambling, and the impetus for investigation was Tim Donaghy's alleged game fixing.

VOTML: Class of '06 Will Be Forgotten: Tyrus Thomas and Rudy Gay shocked and awed in spurts. Certainly, the class seems better than 2000 (the most recent abomination). In fact, it might eventually be considered a good class. But ... The class of 2007 is going to blow those guys out of the water.

NASCAR Chief to Step Down? Doubtful: The rumor claims that Brian would be replaced by his uncle Jim, brother of the late Bill Jr. and current CEO of NASCAR's International Speedway Corporation. That move would presumably open the door for current ISC President Lesa France Kennedy, Brian's sister, to move up. Ok ... so that sounds unlikely, but plausible. Until you get to the part about where the rumor has Brian headed: to the non-NASCAR related Grand Am Road Racing Association.

SoCal NASCAR Fans Watch Malibu Burning Instead of Burning Rubber: SoCal NASCAR fans received no advance warning, however, that we would not be watching NASCAR because KABC-TV would preempt the race for breaking news coverage. Hard to be mad at KABC for that ... but ... Why would ESPN not preempt Pro-Bowling on ESPN?