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23 January 2008

FanHouse AM Memo: 1/23

A strange duo of Church v. Sports arguments at the bottom.

Media Watch:
Mark Cuban's Dislikes: The Media, Deadspin, Stuffed Shirts, YouTube, Deadspin, Bullies: Beyond Cuban attacking Leitch's baby as "the Inside Edition of sports", the Mavericks owner discusses what really grinds his gears about the NBA media.

Dan Marino Can't Turn Off His Cell Phone: As people who watched the AFC Championship halftime show know, CBS analyst Dan Marino's phone went off. Multiple times. Here's a look at his colleagues getting annoyed with him.

Indianapolis Star Columnist Calls Colts Coach Tony Dungy 'A Hypocrite': I don't know if there's any way for a newspaper columnist to acquire more enemies than to harshly criticize the beloved local football coach, but that's exactly what Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz has done with his column in today's paper.

Maxim Seeking Packers Bikini Girls: As someone who was in Chicago this weekend, I can say I wouldn't want to be outside at night in that weather for 10 minutes without a hat, much less mostly topless. Personally, I love when people show pride in their team in unique and dedicated ways, and I am sure other people appreciate the Packers Bikini Girls for some other reasons.

Versus, NHL in Bed for the Next Three Seasons; Will ESPN Make It a Threesome? But what does this deal mean for the NHL's year-long flirtation with its old mate, ESPN? There was talk last July that Versus might waive its exclusivity clause if the NHL agreed to an extension. Terms for this extension haven't been released, but it would be stunning if the NHL didn't work out a deal that would allow it to share games with other cable networks like the WWL.

MSG Totalitarianism:
Larry Brown Says Knicks Were Spying on Him: "They had security people standing close to me in press conferences, and spies throughout the arena."

Knicks Crush Some Opponents, Like Reporters: Boston blitzed through Madison Square Garden Monday... but the Knicks succeeded in crushing one opponent, apparently. Newsday's Ken Berger details a tussle between Knicks staffers and a clan of beat writers.

NBA All-Star No-Shows:
T-Mac Really Doesn't Want to Be an All-Star: Quasi-injured Rockets star Tracy McGrady has already tried to wiggle his way out of a (slightly) embarrassing starting All-Star nod, a plea the league denied.

'Sheed Doesn't Want to Be an All-Star Either: 'Sheed, unlike T-Mac, is perfectly healthy, but would still rather skip the All-Star festivities if given the choice: "I am looking forward to those four days (off). I've been keeping a little eye on it, but better them (Howard and Shaquille O'Neal , who lead Wallace in the voting) than me."

Church v. Sports:
Catholic League Accuses ESPN's Dana Jacobson of Saying 'F--- Jesus': On January 11, ESPN First Take host Dana Jacobson attended a roast for Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic of Mike and Mike in the Morning fame. What she said there has been the subject of much controversy. Citing "some news and sports websites" as its source, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights says that Jacobson said, "F*** Notre Dame," "F*** Touchdown Jesus," and finally "F*** Jesus."

Archbishop Rips Rick Majerus for Support of Abortion Rights, Stem Cell Research: Majerus could be in hot water with his employer. Saint Louis is a Catholic school, and Majerus said he is pro-choice on abortion and that he supports stem cell research. St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke says Majerus should be disciplined -- and maybe even fired.