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23 January 2008

I Hadn't Planned on Blog-Navel-Gazing This Hard Until After I Finished the Deadspin Book

So, there's this column by a Ryan Corazza, which talks about how "FanHouse has been hit pretty hard" with the loss of two of our best-known voices. A couple thoughts:
  • I can't believe that a column about bloggers won't let me copy large swathes of text to rip off and blockquote. Effing eff.
  • The two writers leaving FanHouse -- mjd and Shoals -- both helped build the site from a wee babe of a blog into the most-trafficked sports blog on the 'net over the course of 17 and 13 months, respectively. I've left jobs that give me benefits quicker than that, and no one ever accused me of disloyalty.
  • Corazza flicks at this in the second-to-last graf, but I'll expand on it: The pro sports blogger market and medium are both approaching maturity. Each of these guys made decisions to go to different sites, and I don't think either site is planning on raking in millions of PVs on the cache of their writers' names alone. The goal is to bring them and the mainstream reader together. The Sporting Blog and the Yahoo Experts have distinct editorial plans and traffic goals, and their success is going to depend as much on those plans as their stable of writers. (Example: Our traffic did drop in the fall, but I don't think it was because Orson Swindle left FanHouse.) If street cred were what mattered most of all, all the readers would be going here and here.
  • I'm extremely happy to see bloggers I like making more money, wherever they are. More money for sports bloggers is a net win for America.
  • That Ryan Corazza can write. I bet any site which put him on contract would be a "hot destination" in no time.
I imagine this reads like Sanskrit to most folks.