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23 January 2008

Great Moments in Cognitive Dissonance, Part III

A Kenyan runner withdrew from an Arizona marathon "because of the strife in Kenya," whatever that means. For one reason or another, Wesly Ngetich decided to leave the safety of Duluth, MN, a city that "kind of adopted him," and head home. There, he was shot dead with an arrow.
A fellow athlete said Ngetich was caught in a dispute between ethnic groups Monday in Trans Mara, on the outskirts of Kenya’s Masai Mara game reserve. The death had nothing to do with the election violence, said William Yiampoy, a neighbor and one of Kenya’s top 800-meter runners.

“It’s not true he died because of the election violence in Kenya,” Yiampoy told The Associated Press, citing eyewitnesses in their village. He said a man from Ngetich’s tribe had shot a boy with an arrow, and the other group was avenging the attack. Ngetich was hit accidentally, Yiampoy said.
By this logic, people mistakenly killed by drive-by shootings are not victims of gang violence.

It's just sad to see Kenyan locals try and rationalize which kinds of lethal violence are exceptional and which are normal.