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24 January 2008

FanHouse AM Memo: 1/24

Scroll down to the bottom for MDS's first FanHouse column and the worst hockey mom ever.

Media Watch:
ESPN Anchor Dana Jacobson May Be Anti- Notre Dame, But She's Not Anti-Catholic: Having talked to one source familiar with the situation and exchanged e-mails with another, I would like to clarify that I think that, to the extent that Jacobson used the F-word and the word "Jesus" together, it was about Touchdown Jesus, the mural depicting Jesus with his hands raised at Notre Dame Stadium.

Prank Callers Ask Lewd Questions at SEC Women's Basketball Teleconference: The prank callers, who were claiming to be legitimate reporters from actual media outlets, managed to get on and ask at least six questions to more than half of the league's 12 coaches. The questions were graphic in nature and included inquiries about coaches having sexual relations with players and players' performances based on their menstrual cycles.

David Letterman Tells Lawrence Tynes His Missed Field Goal 'Looked Like I Kicked It': Tynes got off a good line when they showed his missed field goal at the end of the fourth quarter, saying, "Right there I'm thinking, 'What's it going to be like to live in Green Bay?'"

The Big 12 Needs A New TV Deal: Somehow a battle between #25 Baylor and #18 Texas A&M was not on any -- any -- TV. No cable network stepped in and thought, this might be a game worth showing. Instead, it was only on radio, or video streamed through the Texas A&M website (and if you lived outside of Texas, you had to pay).

Jose Canseco Tries to Drag Magglio Ordonez Through the Mud But Only Drags Himself: Jose Canseco offered to keep Magglio Ordonez "clear" in his upcoming book if the Detroit Tigers outfielder invested in a movie project promoted by Canseco, The New York Times reported Wednesday night.

Did Patriots' Richard Seymour Head Butt a Chargers Assistant Coach? Pro Football Talk reports that Hardwick said during an interview on XX Sports Radio that Seymour head butted a Chargers assistant before Sunday's game. And although this video is a bit hard to interpret, it seems to confirm said head butt at about the 2:45 mark:

Going Long: Tom Brady Isn't Injured, But We Are Going to Talk About His Injury Anyway:
Tabloid coverage, secrecy, and hype all feed off of each other, and the next week will have ample portions of each.

This Is Either the Greatest or the Worst Hockey Mom of All-Time: Beth Modica, 44, is a former assistant district attorney in Rockland County (NY). She's also been charged with providing alcohol to, smoking weed with and having sexual relations with 16-year-old and 15-year-old boys -- teammates on her son's high-school ice hockey team,