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29 May 2009

Desperate Attempts to Maintain Politeness

A phone conversation I just had:

Two truck company: "Hello?" [Not "Brooklyn Navy Yards," just "Hello"]

Me: "You towed my car."

"Oh, I don't tow cars. I just answer phones."

"OK. Well, 311 told me that-"

"Why don't you give me your license plate number and I will check and see if your car has been towed here."

"--- -----"

"Oh yes we have that car."

"OK. I need to get there by subway, because you have my car. Can you tell me which train stops are nearby?"

"Well I take a taxi in from Queens every day, if you must know. So I would not know anything about that. I believe a bus does come by here."

"OK. Great. Thank you."