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28 February 2007

Craig's List to Help You Not Die

  • Craig Guillot's advice from his goodbye post on NOLA's 'Rebuilding a City' blog: "Buy a flatboat with a small motor and keep it in your backyard for the next time the levees break." That tells you everything. He has nine more. I don't agree with all of them, but Craig's opinions matter a hell of a lot more than mine.

  • Marty Peretz sells his last share in The New Republic, and perhaps unhelpfully refers to the whole magazine's history as a "trophy" for rich guys to parade around.

  • If you skip to page 2 of that story, you can find reports of how little the news side of WSJ respects writers on the editorial side: When one editorialist tries to make the jump over, a news staffer says, “He writes opinionated, right-wing columns …. It’s hard to see how the news pages benefit from someone like that.”