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01 March 2007

FanHouse: Thurs. AM 'Spanish Fly-ing Bottle' Edition

FanHouse's new futbol coverage can really help you gain perspective on the USA's much-maligned culture of violence. Some American fans may hate, say, Phil Jackson, but they don't often knock him upside the head with a bottle. And we certainly don't attack the ambulance that tries to drive him away.

Elsewhere, we have LeBron Inc. spreading its tentacles around Ohio's most important institution, tOSU; Kansas State not appreciating either the headbutt nor the live chickens being thrown at them; and the New York Times antagonizing the more eggheaded end of the MLB's fan base.

Destiny Awaits Memphis, Boston
Tim Hardaway Has Nothing on the Co-Owners of the Seattle SuperSonics
Our President Can't Dribble And Approves of Antoine Walker
Guy Who Ran Over Stephen Jackson Will Do Two Years
Ohio State Will Wear LeBron's Logo in the Tournament

Durant, Law Deliver As Texas Beats A&M in Double Overtime
Jay Mariotti Has a Real Problem with Thad Matta's Dirty Gum Chewing
Please, ESPN, Give Us the Game We Want
Oklahoma State Suspends Mario Boggan for Head Butt
Kansas State Officials: Stop Throwing Chickens on Court
How Many NCAA Tournament Bids Will the Colonial Get?

Murray Chass Has No Use For Your Newfangled Statistics
Gary Matthews Was Mailed HGH in 2004
Yeah, About That 'Mark Cuban Buying the Cubs' Thing ...
Cardinals Tell Roger Clemens They're Interested

At Least Andre Rison Still Has His Dignity ... Alright, Nevermind
Lovie Smith No Longer Underpaid: Gets $5.5 Million Salary
Pacman's Side of the Story: He Was Beaten and Robbed
Steelers Say Doctor Is Not Target of Steroid Probe

Soccer Match Halted After Coach Drilled in the Head with a Bottle
Zidane Not Coming to MLS; Fowler Might Be?

Steroids Taint Evander Holyfield's Career