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04 March 2007

FanHouse: Mon AM 'Duke Cheap Shot?' Edition

As soon as Gerald Henderson's Dukie elbow exploded into Tyler Hansbrough's Tarheel nose, our NCAA bloggers started posting away. Six analyses later, we've got every angle covered. If you care about hating Duke, you should take a look.

Our coverage of NFL free agency and MLB spring training is similarly voluminous, but I'll draw special attention to Ryan Wilson's Pacman-Clarett comparison, and Mattingly's comments about taking Torre's job.

NCAA Basketball
Hansbrough's Face, Meet Henderson's Elbow
ESPN.com's Pat Forde Thinks Duke Is A Joke
If Hansbrough Shouldn't Have Been Out There....Then Why Was Henderson?
Coach K and Roy Williams War of Words
Hansbrough Hurt at End Of Duke-UNC Game
Alabama Slides Off the Bubble
NCAA Previews: Recognize the Creighton Bluejays
Br-ACC-ketology: Ga Tech Is In.....Right Now
UCLA Still a No. 1, but Can Play Themselves Out

Joe Namath Singing and Dancing With Chorus Girls
Why Didn't 49ers Land Adalius Thomas? Geography
Joe Gibbs Talked to Cap'n Smoot About the 'Boat Situation'
Corporate America Still Loves Ron Mexico
Pac-Man Jones Is Entering Maurice Clarett Territory
12 Years Later, Bill Belichick Gets Kyle Brady
Bill Gramatica Can't Cut It In Arena Football
Jake Plummer Officially Announces Retirement

The NBA Hates Rasheed Wallace
Michael Redd And Ben Gordon Combine For 100 Points
NBA Hair Watch EMERGENCY: Kwame's Braids of Doom
How Big is Al Jefferson's Game?
Phil Jackson's Chat With Pippen A Sign?
Billy Hunter Will Go to New Orleans
Amaechi Calls Jerry Sloan 'A Cruel Man'

Mass Suicide Watch In Minnesota
Mark Cuban Confirms Cubs Rumor Was 'Made Up'
Don Mattingly Does Not Want Joe Torre's Job...For Now
David Wright Would Give Up Third Base For Alex Rodriguez
Ozzie Guillen Is In Mid-Season Form

Montoya: Mexican Mission Accomplished
Teeth a Requirement for Washington's Rotten Apples

NCAA Football:
Ohio State vs. Michigan Could Be Pushed To December
Dartmouth Students Demand Creation of Moose Mascot
Tennessee Caps the Value of Stability at $2 Million