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06 March 2007

FanHouse: Tue. AM 'Pitching After Iraq' Edition

Oh, this is a good morning. In NCAA Hoops, we have the new wedding dress jerseys and the polygamists in the bleachers to go along with our profiles of the field of 65.

In MLB, we have a story about US Marine Cooper Brannan, who lost a pinky in Iraq but is still trying to earn a spot with the Padres as a pitcher. It helps you forget the MLB headlines referencing OJ's lawyer's arrival.

The NFL has a suspended-for-plagiarism columnist and Smoking Gun complaints about how Prince turned America's sons gay, gay, gay.

Our own Tom Ziller sends Ron Artest a breakup letter after the latter's arrest on domestic violence charges, and Shaq takes it upon himself to protect the president from "ridiculization." The mind reels.

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