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07 March 2007

FanHouse: Wed. AM 'Rubbin' Is Racin'' Edition

Yesterday we unveiled Rubbin' is Racin', our regular Tuesday feature about feuds between guys who drive cars. No fisticuffs this week, just terse statements between NASCAR teammates. (I think our NASCAR and college basketball pages are the only ones that don't require regular blotter coverage.)

On a more high-minded level: Michael David Smith wrote a great post about the anonymous ESPN commenter "SeattleStatman" whose tiny internet note got a Boston Globe sportswriter suspended for plagiarism.

And this is my favorite headlines since this. It just never gets old for me.

NCAA Basketball:
Even Jay Bilas Thinks Billy Packer Is Wrong
God, Ya Gotta Love Tyler Hansbrough!
Greg Doyel Is Off Coach K's Christmas Card List
Q: Brewer, Horford, Noah Gone to NBA? A: Yep
Has Kevin Durant Gained 35 Pounds in the Last Year?
Nike to Syracuse: "The Color Orange Isn't Ugly Enough"
Duquesne Player Who Was Shot in the Head Returns to the Team

Rubbin' is Racin': Montoya / Pruett in Mexico

Deshea Townsend Accused of Punching Someone Outside of Margarita Mamas
Another Day, Another Bengal Sentenced
Drunken Kicker and Bourbon Street: Vanderjagt Visits New Orleans
Peyton Manning Is Also Available for Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs
Jaguars CFO: Keep Buying Tickets, and We'll Stay
How SeattleStatman Brought Down Ron Borges

Canada May Quit Testing Athletes for Marijuana
Most Crushable Player: Don Juan Ron
Mavs Clinch a Playoff Spot; Jason Terry Hooks Up
Random YouTube Magic: The NBA (NBA!) on CBS (CBS!), circa 1975
Scott Skiles Thinks the Schedule Is Fixed
More Artest Fallout; Audio Tape From 911 Call
Memo to 'Melo: Grow Up or Sit Down

Phillie Phanatic Not A Phan Oph Dogs
Did the Red Sox Tamper With JD Drew?
J.D. Drew Is Easily Influenced
Well, This is One Way to Protest Oakland's Move to Fremont
Russ Ortiz Is Afraid of Treadmills
Gary Sheffield Knows He's In Detroit Now, Right?
Freddy Sanchez Just Scared the Bejesus Out of Pirate Fans

College Football:
Randy Shannon Gets Tough On Crime
Two Illinois Players Gone In 60 Seconds