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26 March 2007

FanHouse: Mon AM 'Jaws: The Revenge' Edition

Sometimes we get surprised. Not when we find out that the rims at Duke and UNC are both tailored to the teams' respective strengths.

Nor when we hear that Urban Meyer used fake Kirk Herbstreit quotes to motivate his team before it went out and coldcocked the Buckeyes.

Nor when Bonds gets more chances to break the record, now that he's batting third.

But. When the Worldwide Leader makes our NFL writers very happy by replacing Joe Theismann with Ron Jaworski on MNF? That's an unexpected dollop of sunshine in morning coffee. Mmm... Jaworski.

NCAA Basketball:
NCAA Tests Show Duke Has Loose Rims
Bill Self is the Marty Schottenheimer of College Basketball
Is the Big Ten the Dirtiest Conference in Recent History?
Doctors Have Little Hope of Recovery for UNC's Mascot
Reyshawn Terry to Billy Packer: "I Would Bust His A**"
Joey Dorsey Might Want to Re-Think Greg Oden Comments
Tajuan Porter: 'I Didn't Even Know Oregon Was a State'
Ohio State AD Says Thad Matta Can Talk to Kentucky

Ron Jaworski to Replace Joe Theismann on MNF
Raiders Seek QB; No Experience Necessary
Willis McGahee: 'I Couldn't Wait to Get Out of Buffalo'
Listless Offseason Leaves Vikings Fans Apathetic
Michael Strahan Granted Stay on Payment to Ex-Wife
How Will Louisiana's New Governor Deal With the Saints?
Expect More From Reggie Bush On the Field, Less of Him Off
Eagles News Slow, Always Time for Cheerleaders
Vince Young Helps Crown Rachel Smith Miss USA

Kobe's Streak Ends, Career Over
How the Bulls Got 'Sirius' About Their Introductions
The NBA Tells Gilbert Arenas To Stop Gambling
Did Melo Provoke Kobe's Scoring Outburst?
Is Artest Retiring?

NCAA Football:
Urban Meyer Used Fake Quotes To Motivate Gators
Colorado Decides Losing is Not Very Fun
Iowa State Doesn't Understand the Term 'Rivalry'
USF Already in Mid-Season Form

Are the Giants Interested in Alex Rodriguez?
Unbelievably, Pavano Might Be Yankees' Opening Day Guy
Barry Bonds Wants to Take You to a New Level
Barry Bonds Will Have More Chances to Break the Record
Phillie Pitching Gives Charlie Manuel Suicidal Thoughts
Randy Johnson's Happy He Didn't Kill Anybody
Were You in Grady Little's Dugout? Then You Don't Get It
Wade Boggs to Induct Mr. Perfect Into WWE Hall of Fame

ABC Flips Off the Fans
Wallace Pathetic, Busch Arrogant
Yesterday's Whiner is Today's Winner
Bristol Post Race: Toyota