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26 March 2007

The Production Values of a Blog... Now in Your TV!

From the new Blog Show, co-hosted by my boss Jamie Mottram:
That Jamie and Dan Steinberg had the fellow from Awful Announcing on as a guest and said guest did not rip on them for their inadvertent anal cheeses means... something. I don't know what, except that I take immature interest in these things.

But the show: The show was good, technical glitches aside. As with politics, it's telling how much more interesting the amateurs are than the pros. Maybe they could tease stuff out a bit more: I'm not a Gilbert Arenas fanatic like many in the blogosphere, but I'll sit and listen if I'm promised that someone will be complaining cogently about NCAA announcing later in the show.

I don't think my brothers ever boot up their computers for fun, and I think they would watch this. So that's a good sign.