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18 March 2007


There is no bigger sucker than an American-born son or daughter who goes looking in their family history for some authenticity:
The company started digging up the dirt in September from a two-acre field it purchased in Cahir, a small Tipperary village, and has since bought or rented other plots to keep up with demand. Mr. Burke said his original notion, to gather dirt in each of Ireland’s 32 counties and market it by county, proved too expensive.
Oh come on. He didn't see this coming? Nobody knows what county Grandma was from. No one even knew if they call them counties over there.

You gotta package Irish soil the same way you serve Irish ambience in a New York Pub: Stained wood, a nice Irish brogue coming from behind the bar, fine. But you better keep the Shakira on heavy juke rotation, Seamus.