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20 March 2007

Whole Lotta Bullcrap Links!

  • NBA refs have to break down Al Jefferson's moves on video in order to realize he wasn't traveling. He was just breaking the usual laws of physics.
  • I thought Gizmodo was being needlessly cynical about Google's outreach to Kenya and Rwanda. But no: The Goog really seems to be trying to get Bono Points for nothing.
  • Tanscriptual proof that the Bengal didn't start that fight in Vegas.
  • Weird crowds at Minnesota Timberwolves games.
  • Grab a barstool: the Rangers might make the playoffs.
  • St. Patty's rap I should have posted over the weekend. NSFW without headphones.
  • I would keep linking, but my wife is watching 'Any Which Way You Can,' just to distract me. Which she has done successfully. Ha, ha that monkey drank too much beer.