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30 April 2007

FanHouse: 'NFL Network Beats ESPN' Edition

If you've seen enough video of Miami fans lamenting their fate in the Draft, you can scroll to the bottom of this note and find end-of-draft grades for every NFL team.

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Grade: B-. See Lions stink. See Lions get top-10 pick. See Lions take wide receiver. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Grade: B+. If you're willing to overlook that little collarbone issue with Peterson, the Vikes made out.

Grade: B+. Rex Grossman gets another pass-catching target in TE Greg Olsen. Now the Bears just need a QB who can throw the ball.

Green Bay
Grade: C-. When the highlight of the draft is taking a kicker, well, you probably didn't have a very good draft.
Dallas Grade: B+. The Cowboys got another 3-4 OLB in Anthony Spencer, but didn't land a wideout. T.O. and Terry Glenn are a combined 66-years-old, so that might be a priority at some point in the near future.

Grade: C-. You might not like the LaRon Landry pick, but there's no arguing that he's the best safety in the draft. But on Day 2, two linebackers and Carson Palmer's younger brother? Way to go out on bottom, Vinny.
Philadelphia Grade: B. So, how long until Eagles' fans run Donovan McNabb out of town? Bring on Kevin Kolb.
NY Giants Grade: B+. The Giants did a swell job of stockpiling picks early, but Elisha probably wasn't psyched about not getting a legit left tackle.

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