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30 April 2007

Julie Taymor Is a Concept By Which We Measure Our Pain

I hear that complaining about how a major media corporation mistreats a cultural touchstone near and dear to my heart is perhaps unoriginal.

I would try to be more originial in my blogging were it not for the fact that I learned that Julie Taymor is making a movie built around Beatles music:
While an insider explains, “The visuals get in the way of the narrative, which makes no sense. And the pacing is all wrong. They have a scene with Bono that’s psychedelic, and goes on and on, and has to be cut down.” Still another source chides, “By the time the dancing puppet heads come out, you’re just like no, no, NO.”
To be fair, let's all agree that this does sound like a pretty good episode of The Muppet Show.

And let's agree that we can't blame Taymor for taking the idea (the same idea every 13-year old with access to a classic rock station also thought of) and grinding it to bits. She's Julie Taymor, and somehow she's convinced the world that it took a unique genius to squeeze money out of the Lion King franchise.

No, let blame fall on the idiot who greenlit this: How many other independent movies go the kibosh so we could get this produced? ('Is there anybody going to listen to my story?' asks the muss-haired git in the video's opening. A: No, there is not.)