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06 August 2008

The Family Is Back

While we were out:
  • Bug went on blogging hiatus as she tried to recover from the depression brought on by the Fantasy Sports Girls.
  • The family left Windsor Terrace for La Guardia with two hours to spare, but, thanks to the singular idiocy of the drivers on the BQE and the Port Authority (padlocking the long-term parking lot, which left us scrambling to find other parking and paying $130 for five days of hourly rates) we only got to the terminal with 28 minutes to spare.
  • 28 minutes to spare, I was informed, means "You missed your flight. You are required to be here 30 minutes before takeoff."
  • Wife scream, dad scream, baby scream, airline cannot muster a shrug.
  • Book on alternate airline for four figures. Fly to Milwaukee, which is a five hours drive from our destination. Rent car for not cheap.
  • Try to buy meal en route from Milwaukee from this awful chain known as Cosi. I think I'm going to start calling the contents of Bug's diapers 'flatbread' in honor of the menu. The sandwich included honey mustard which was billed as 'tangy,' which is supposed to mean something different than 'vomitey'. We threw it out, abandoned healthy food, and bought two standardized Big Macs with unmelted cheese.
  • Enjoyed wonderful vacation in woods. Dunked my daughter in the lake of my grandfather.
  • Drove the fuck back to Milwaukee, after which the rent-a-car agency added $140 in fees to the price they originally quoted me.
Damn lake was worth it.